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I'm really interested to see what happens the next epidemic. The surge in mass migration is going to stir up something and cause it to ripple through out of place people. And the cocktail of new drug resistant bugs is becoming very interesting. If there is something truly nasty that pops up ( a very lethal flu, drug resistant TB, a highly contagious Legionnaires' disease or meningitis ) that hits illegal alien camps, we could see a collapse of cities as people rush into cities for care and infect a large chunk of the public. Hell it doesn't even need to be lethal, just hit a large population and be difficult to treat.

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Oh and meanwhile, NYC has been a scum pit for 50 years.

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NYC has weather cold enough to kill and it's harder for migrants to get there. LA's climate makes it much easier for disease to spread.

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Youre a bitch if you think it gets cold in NYC. It's right next to the ocean which acts as a stabilizer on local temps.

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A few years ago I took the train from SD to LA. All along the tracks were tent cities. Camps of thousands of illegal aliens, which increased in number as you approached the city of LA. It was stunning to see. And the press wasn't reporting on any of it. Commuters into the city must have witnessed it every day.

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I drive by entire tent cities that are along our train tracks, under all bridges, and even now on our bike trails. Good ole CA, just keep sweeping the homeless away with overpriced housing and goods!

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If they fuck the electoral college. Rural areas should boycott cities. They'll destroy themselves within a week.

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You should kill yourself if you voluntarily still live in califailia.

Grow balls vote with your wallet and feet.

[–] lord_nougat ago 

Yeah, running away sounds way cooler than staying to clean up this fucking coastal shit hole and make it great again, with rule of law and all that.

[–] Sucurri65 ago 

Not like there hasn’t been enough movies about it. Wasn’t “Outbreak” set in Commiefornia?

[–] Veritas13 ago 

As someone who lives in Ca, 1 hour south of San Francisco, I can attest to how dire the situation is getting here. You will literally see while families with all of their possessions in shopping carts, kids dirty and hungry, with no hope of a meal. What Democrats have done to this state is beyond negligent, and it’s time we hold the politicians accountable. It’s also time to fix the homelessness plaguing Ca.

[–] lord_nougat ago 

I fucking hate Dr Drew.

But he's not wrong.

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