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Never Forget the CEO of Camping World is the same fucking leftist Democunt that told Trump Supporters that he didn't want their business.

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came here to post this.... and Camping World bought out Gander Mountain and renamed them Gander Outdoors. They will never see another penny from me.

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Cabela’s is still fine right?

[–] ianadba 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Never trust the Jew.

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Lemonis was a Lebanese orphan that a rich Miami couple adopted. I used to watch his show until I found out he was a Trump hater.

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Which one?

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Good thing I came across this. I was just about submit a resume for a creative job. It would be a waste of time.

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I didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing!

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Careful, patriots. The CEO is CW doesn’t want our business. I wonder if his patriotism has been called into question and consequently sales have nosedived.

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Be that as it may, he should still be able to fly the flag.

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It's a business prop. The city has a standard for Flags. Think of businesses like the HOA of a city. If they break the rules, they're subject to fines. This is cost of doing business. They're pissing and moaning is only a means to that end. Corporations are not your friend, they just want your money.

[–] ReadPastHeadlines 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

A flag. It sounds like they are close to a highway and must follow the code for flag size near highways. A wavy billboard is very distracting for drivers, even if it's our flag

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Of course.

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Great perspective. Wish more people understood this, regardless if someone is a liberal or conservative or whatever, if they are an American citizen, living in America, their rights are as important to defend as anyone elses.

I also wish people understood that certain rights, inalienable rights, are not given to us by any authority but rather rights we are born with because we are human and we just have them. The same as we have 2 hands and 5 fingers per hand (most of us), if someone tries to take an arm away or cut off a hand/finger, its our duty to defend ourselves and fight back, preventing them from taking anything from us.

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"Editor’s note: Marcus Lemonis later wrote an apology, asking for forgiveness for his comments."

Forgiveness is a Christian deal, and jews hate Christianity so it's grossly opportunistic of him. Besides, unmedicated Bipolars are unreliable and shouldn't expect anyone to invest to in their company.

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Sounds like a case for the Supreme Court once they decide to bury RBG in the ground

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she's getting cryogenically frozen, there will be a battle over issuing a death certificate and they will try to keep her seat vacant, impeachment will have to happen as she will not be fit for duty.

I say these things sarcastically but considering the nonsense the left has been pulling recently I wouldn't be surprised if this was their game plan.

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Camping World is not the best mascot for this issue, but I do think that you should be able to fly our flag in whatever way makes you the happiest. I remember that this is the guy who publicly stated that Trump supporters shouldn't shop at his business, so my standard for caring about this particular individual is pretty low.

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Bullshit meter was way to high on this one. Figured it was because the flagpole wasn't designed for such a large flag or it was posing a risk to public safety, but holy shit it's real.

Turns out it really is just a pissing match between the owner and city council. At no point has anyone cited that it's a risk to public safety.

Their only defense is that "The Residents of Statesville don't want a flag that big". But that's only assuming the City Council is actually representing the and isn't holding some petty grudge against someone that specifically went against their wishes.

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This is one more stunt to disorient the younger voters. It goes in the same category as those proclaiming that anti-abortion is un-Christian.

We’ve had a slew of these embracing-dissonance techniques lately — seems like a coordinated, strategic move & probably the only effective dirty debate method they have against Trump/Q.

Even AOC using the technique latey, betraying her play dumb act. AOC says not voting to impeach is not providing due process, which is her Constitutional duty. That out-wits even Nancy Pelosi.

Trump’s counter to this new form of attack will be interesting. I don’t know of any other Republican who is wise enough to perceive and counter this technique.

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That’s not a fine it’s a AMERICA FLAG TAX period.

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It’s a zoning issue. They aren’t being asked to not have a flag. They are being told to replace it with a more conforming flag, and were granted a larger size than typically allowed.

You are being marketed to, and falling for it, under the guise of patriotism. It’s sickening.

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violating the city’s ordinance on the maximum flag size within 100 feet of a highway

I suppose it could be a safety issue, but why is it only a city ordinance then?

I thought there were specific protections for american flags, where other bans on commercial speech couldn't apply.

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Each state decides their laws related to business operations and highway safety

[–] o0shad0o 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Yes, which is why I remarked that it was a city ordinance.

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