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Snopes the former husband and wife team - now divorced and he ran off with some Russian porn star he eloped with and stole their "company funds" to pay for their honeymoon all over the world.

She still didn't abandon this shit as she was left at home with the debts and the cats.

It's sad really.

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You know snopes is desperate for clicks.

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Note that they never get close to mentioning (((who actually owns))) Mindgeek/Pornhub.

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Snopes covered up the gang rape of a 5 year old by Somalian monkeys the niggerkike Obama imported.

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Lol snopes

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It’s difficult to summarize the wide-ranging, ever-expanding, and practically nonsensical QAnon conspiracy theory. For the purposes of this article, readers should know that one of the main tenets of QAnon revolves around the claim that liberals, Hollywood celebrities, and various world leaders are involved in global pedophilia ring (à la Pizzagate). -Snopes