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Yep, same with UBI. It will be stratified based on the prevailing Social Stack of the given moment. All identity groups will be forced to maintain their solidarity to the party else they find themselves hit with Social Credit Score penalties.

This is all just classic soviet/bolshevik communism again.

Food lines exist not just in the streets but in the minds and in population files, and just because you join the queue before Person X it doesn't mean you'll reach the front before they do (if you notice: this already resonates with the current demographic replacement going on. Your family joined the line 5 generations ago and you've been promised your cut of the pie? Too bad, we want these vibrant new people in and now they're not just being forced in ahead of you they're going straight to the front and getting everything your family worked for for free, using the taxes you and your family paid into the system and the national debt that only your descendants will be enslaved to service).