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Idk.. I hope SB is right but I just can't take him seriously... He reminds me of the guy from an early south park episode: "wait a minute.c-candy bars ! candy bars ? y'know, candy bars, they usually come in a wrapper, just like you wrap a christmas present. christmas happens when it's cold. cold as in alaska. that's polar bears,polar bears... polarity ! i can switch the polarity to see what transmissions are coming from the location this one is being sent to!"

It always seems like such an absurd train of logic. I mean I hope something big is gonna happen this week. I'm just not sold on this serialbrain dude. Has he been right yet in the past?

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It reads like satire.

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Oh he's dead fucking serious.. it's actually kind of frightening. What's worse is how many people fawn over him.. sigh

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Not on any sort of “decodes” or “riddle solving,” no.

Q linked to a research post of his analyzing Alex Jones and his treatment of Q. It had no “decodes” or gematria whatsoever.

After that though, and all of the sudden Q and Trump were talking to SB2 personally and now he follows his feelings, confirmation bias, and circular reasoning to reach any conclusion.

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Genius I tell you! Ain't he just the bestest!?

Edit - he's a fucking lunatic for sure.

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lol , excellent comparison there