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If Fred Keller can win by 70% that tells me the voter fraud was eliminated in PA. This could be the real percentages of votes in all States if they eliminate illegals and fake ballots. I wouldn't doubt this is why Dems are pushing so hard for open borders. This is what they're hiding. The extent of their cheating at the ballot box to stay in power. If this is true and it gets exposed Americans will personally string these people up. Bring back the hanging trees for the criminals.

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I suspect the cheating, for decades, not only in the US, but the entire world, has been beyond what any of us could imagine. I have always been suspect of the voting results. Obama's last election he won 100% of all the votes in several districts. Before Q, I did not know HRC owned most of the encryption keys for most computers in the world. I always figured there was someone in NW Nebraska who has watching the voting in real time and would just shift votes around in favor of the DS, didn't realized this was happening in Belgium.

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The 1982 Consent Decree has finally ended. This is the issue that has the Dems scrambling

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Not to mention the Soros owned voting machines, manufactured in Spain and the Microsoft ballet counting software. I agree Ive always felt that it was a small fraction of people adding votes to gain power

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Remember as well that the 1982 Consent Decree has ended. Now voter fraud can be legally challenged by republicans.

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It may be more woke Patriots there who have overcome the cheaters.