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George Toscas was in the meeting too and he's the guy who joked that the FBI was now the "Federal Bureau of Matters" (George is DOJ).

George also played a key role in the re-opening of the Clinton email case b/c of the Wiener laptop. Strzok/Page texts show George was calling them in late Oct '16, to find out the status of the warrant to review the emails on the laptop -- and the FBI hadn't yet gotten one. I surmise that they intended to sit on those files until after the election and when Hillary won, the case would disappear.

George's follow-up put more pressure on McCabe and Comey to get a warrant quickly because they feared "someone" would leak it to the press. Hence Comey's urgency to re-open the case and then miraculously close it days later, declaring nothing new found. Another cover up of sorts.

George is a hero in this scenario......if he hadn't put pressure on the FBI, we may never have known about Hillary's emails on Wiener's laptop.

So when you hear your democratic friends scream that Comey cost Hillary the election, let them know that Comey was trying to cover it up while at the same time trying to ensure more damage wasn't done via a leak to the press. Comey did this to help Hillary not hurt her.

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Excellent synopsis. I had forgotten about GT.

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https://tweetsave.com/almostjingo/status/1131058751715172353 :

Rosie memos on Twitter: "Whoops Rybicki was in the room when Lynch told @Comey to call the Clinton email investigation “a matter” so she’s claiming both of them lied? There were a few people in meeting, should be pretty east to get the truth because someone should be charged with lying to Congress.… /1HCJAfsSif"

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Comey told Congress that Loretta Lynch made him refer to the Clinton case as a matter (not a real investigation), to downplay it in the press. Loretta's testimony says she never told anyone not to refer to Clinton's case as a matter, thereby indicating Comey lied. Well it turns out there were other witnesses in the meeting......oooops, it appears that Loretta lied to Congress!

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What happens now? It has now been proven she lied to Congress. What happens now? My guess is nothing.

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Nunes has already sent criminal referrals to Congress. Q says that Lynch is now cooperating. Coincidence? No

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Criminal referrals to congress or the DOJ? I think you meant DOJ. We shall see. Don’t misunderstand my doubt, I’m hopeful something breaks.