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So,...is he still run'n for president?

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President of D wing.

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I guess he's hoping a jury will clear him?

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It ain't gonna happen Patriot, ole Avenatti has sealed his fate... too much to deny ,he's going to the pokey

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Im just wondering when Geragos gets sucked in,he was involved eith the Nike thing IIRC

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The "students" are going to enjoy his pretty blue eyes in Nigger University.

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Going down sissyboi! Stormy really strapped it in him!

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Unseal them bitches, all 90k+. Whew, that would be overwhelming for the system. Makes me wonder how this will be carried out. Drip drip?

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Hey, man. I got an idea. Anvetti if you are fucking reading this, man listen. I want you to go home right now, and put that nice revolver you have to your forehead and let it all go. Bet you won't pussy. Now go die. Go die.