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Let's get this show on the fucking road...

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I know your being sarcastic, but I know! 😊

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where things go soon we go maybe

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john solomon only drops truth. If it was disinfo john would not be dropping. Its the finish line! it is within our sites. PAIN is finally coming. all the rats are attacking each other. its totally over. nowhere to run or hide anymore. finally! im counting down the days like the first day of christmas song

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Let it begin!!!

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Thank god! The libs need a good beatdown.

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Despite the frustrated comments below it is clear that John Solomon has been chosen as a voice for the push back. His "scoops" come out of nowhere and always have been 100% accurate. Declass of documents will change forever the narrative for all but the most brainwashed sheeples. It is happening!

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bring it on, we have your back.

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Fatigue is real.

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