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Ok, since you guys don't seem to understand. Here's how tech actually works. 1 dude. You need 1 dude who can actually do shit. This guy builds it. He has the idea, he builds it, and then sets up the framework. Then he hires 3 or 4 other dudes who sorta act as fluffers. These guys build pretty UI's or shitty API's to other shit the actually intelligent dude can't be bothered with. Then they hire 20000000000 other retards. Those guys do marketing, payroll, HR, etc. It's like an Army. For every 1 dude pulling a trigger, there's 10 guys driving bullets and food places.

So now you have google. A place that technically has only had maybe 5-6 actual original ideas. They keep a few smart dude who actually understand wtf is going on locked in a cage and then sorround them by 95,000 retards who are essentially Outlook and Excel jockeys. Think about it. How many people does google employ? How many actual useful things, ideas, updates, upgrades, etc happen each year? Very few. Most of the people who work for these companies are useless drones...even then ones who think they are the smartest sjw's in the room.