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Oh I would. I think it would be hilarious. Everyday I would be laughing hysterically as I tried to push these idiots to even crazier levels. You could probably get them to separate whole sections of the building for only certain races and genders. Forced company group showers to promote body positivity. Equal pay for everyone throughout the entire company. Cross dressing day perhaps, or wear a penis on your head to fight the patriarchy. All the while watching as google collapses from the inside.


[–] Pcpoet09 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

that might be the tactic to use to kill liberalism....a good 10 percent of those people working in corporations are conservative (just a guess on my part) when the company has one of its more stupid social justice ideas instead of saving the company heartache by pointing out the flaws in the idea and how unrealistic implementing the idea is. encourage the idea and the person presenting it to an even more extreme version in private. Let them destroy themselves implementing the even more radicle idea.


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What?!! You're drinking out of a BLACK mug? Putting your sexist fingers through a hole clearly meant to imitate female genitals? You racist rapist!