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Damn! I wouldn't last 5 minutes at Google!

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LOL. Neither would I. My wife is a former liberal who is fully redpilled and has/is Sr. Exec at well known non-profit(s). She has to play pretend every day.

The left still thinks Trump keeps kids in cages on the border.

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Oh I would. I think it would be hilarious. Everyday I would be laughing hysterically as I tried to push these idiots to even crazier levels. You could probably get them to separate whole sections of the building for only certain races and genders. Forced company group showers to promote body positivity. Equal pay for everyone throughout the entire company. Cross dressing day perhaps, or wear a penis on your head to fight the patriarchy. All the while watching as google collapses from the inside.

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that might be the tactic to use to kill liberalism....a good 10 percent of those people working in corporations are conservative (just a guess on my part) when the company has one of its more stupid social justice ideas instead of saving the company heartache by pointing out the flaws in the idea and how unrealistic implementing the idea is. encourage the idea and the person presenting it to an even more extreme version in private. Let them destroy themselves implementing the even more radicle idea.

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What?!! You're drinking out of a BLACK mug? Putting your sexist fingers through a hole clearly meant to imitate female genitals? You racist rapist!

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Me neither. My boss says I need to be sent to Sensitivity Island

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You'd have to get past the feces to the Google Work Bus anyway. So you'd probably get fired for being late since you couldn't walk from your home.

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My old school board did the same to me. Being a conservative is basically illegal now.

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Wow - working at Google is like being in the third Reich...

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Nazis burned books on porn, homosexuality, and transgenderism. Google is pushing these.

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That's the funny thing about lefties calling us Nazis, they think it's the worst thing in the world and here I am just waiting for some whackjob to start killing the foreigners and restoring civility and morals to our backwards society.

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Well, @Stonenchizel's post says:

One Googler raised a concern that you that you appeared to be promoting and defending Jordan Peterson’s comments about transgender pronouns, and this made them feel unsafe at work.

The Third Reich burned the libraries of Hirschfeld's Institute of Sex Research. Hirschfeld invented the word transsexualism, was friends with transgenders, worked by their side, and offered sex change procedures. The Third Reich would likely side with Jordan Peterson on his stance against transgender pronouns, and not side with Google.

Maybe you mean working at Google is like being in the early USSR? The Criminal Codes of the Bolsheviks both in 1922 and 1926 left off the articles that prohibited gay sex, which gave transgenders momentum in the culture war. What do you think?

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Fair enough, totalitarianism is totalitarianism, from both sides. And that's why we have the First Amendment. No one gets to decide, although I get Google isn't the government (or are they?).

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99% of the time when people make that comparison they're not saying they are ideologically equivalent, they are saying their bent toward intolerance of any opinions other than their own is fascist, and that they seek to implement similar absolutist control structures to eliminate anything not aligned to their mandatory group think

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Exactly right. More people need to get red_pilled about the truth of the "holocaust'

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Ok, since you guys don't seem to understand. Here's how tech actually works. 1 dude. You need 1 dude who can actually do shit. This guy builds it. He has the idea, he builds it, and then sets up the framework. Then he hires 3 or 4 other dudes who sorta act as fluffers. These guys build pretty UI's or shitty API's to other shit the actually intelligent dude can't be bothered with. Then they hire 20000000000 other retards. Those guys do marketing, payroll, HR, etc. It's like an Army. For every 1 dude pulling a trigger, there's 10 guys driving bullets and food places.

So now you have google. A place that technically has only had maybe 5-6 actual original ideas. They keep a few smart dude who actually understand wtf is going on locked in a cage and then sorround them by 95,000 retards who are essentially Outlook and Excel jockeys. Think about it. How many people does google employ? How many actual useful things, ideas, updates, upgrades, etc happen each year? Very few. Most of the people who work for these companies are useless drones...even then ones who think they are the smartest sjw's in the room.

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Good for Wacker. Now he's on the record as being discrimated against and if they fire him he'll get 2 months x 1000 in "severance pay". Those fucking cunts at Google.

And I'll add - they apparently have access to all responses made to someone's external posts etc. So they actually know I'm typing this now! FUCK YOU!

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I’m glad they shut down my department in 2006.

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Tech companies are over represented by politically correct sjw commie snowflake shit for brains.

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didn't use to be that bad - during the Obama era everything took a dive off a cliff

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I’m amazed how “smart” people can be so dumb. Grandpa called them “educated idiots.”

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Is anybody else wondering why google hires so many unnecessary people? Why do so many employees have so much free time to worry about this stupid shit? Seriously Google, you Commie fucktards, you have too many employees doing stupid meaningless shit. Fire the dead weight and pay your investors massive dividends. Your abuse of investor patience and money borders on grand theft!

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Stasi like tactics being employed. Rat on your colleagues then punishment for you not thinking in lock step with your leaders. In East Germany families lived in fear of their work mates, neighbours and especially their children ratting on them. What an evil vicious system of thought police.

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