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Obviously you are over the target....which you are just DOWNVOTE the shills! This problem only requires anyone to tilt their head 45 degrees up to discern this is a real issue.....everywhere in the U.S.A.....President Trump while you are GITMOing the deep state could you help us with this!

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Thank you patriot!

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My pleasure...take care!!

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Where I live they stopped for about a year right after Trump was elected. They started back up again. For those saying geoengineering is contrails I call bullshit. Why did they stop for a year. A WHOLE year! Those claiming they are due to certain atmospheric conditions I call bullshit. And why did we only have the disappearing kind of contrail when I was a kid?

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I don’t know where you live, but I travel all over the country and see them everywhere I go, being laid down by the same type of aircraft, i.e. unmarked. The sky looks like a tennis racket most days all over the place.

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the same type of aircraft, i.e. unmarked.

I have to call bullshit on this. There's no way to see aircraft markings unless you have a really good telescope. So unless you're actually looking at each of them through a telescope that can distinguish markings, how would you really be able to determine this?

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So true. I think the same way. Ours thinned in Feb 2017, but get thick now and then, lately. We can watch the chemtrails become scummy "clouds" right before our eyes, and they stay most of the day.

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Perhaps flight routes were changed.

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I noticed the exact same thing up in BC, Canada. 2016 was the clearest year I've seen.

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Worst year by a mile down in Texas. Unreal.

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Why the hell the downvotes !?

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Shills come from all around at the slightest mention of chemtrails. Go say chemtrails on Twitter and watch them flock in.

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Tons of shills are dedicated to this exact topic. Other related posts were targeted like this too.

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Was a perfect blue sky. Then this started. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7H_B3-W0AYf2sp?format=jpg&name=medium

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How contrails formed — water vapor from jet exhaust condensing into ice crystals as it hits the cold air. Let assume all cloud trails are just what wrote as this is chemtrials by definition. However, the behavior of chemtrails differ. What I mean is, some evaporate quickly. If it is simly ice crystals hits cold air and falls, it quickly dissipates. But others stay around? Why? Is it the elevation in which these trails are created? Why so some quickly go away while others stay around for hours? Let's also consider that some of the conspiracies say chemtrails include elements of Barium or Lithium. Some even claim it is to change weather behavior patterns more specially with atmospheric behaviors.

I'm no expert here nor do I have any proof of any of this. But it makes me wonder. It also makes me wonder why there is just ONE published paper amons 77 atmospheric scientists where one claims the ground contained as much barium as the sky.

I'll tell you this, if it is real, they do a damn fine job of hiding is so none of it is revealed. Imagine what would happen if it was real and the public find out. Not good.

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Remember all of those pink and blue rainbow segments in the sky from back when you were young? No you don't because they weren't there. #dontspraymebro

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That is exactly right Witsend, the rainbow colors in the haze that dims the sun, that is how you know those are FAKE clouds. Normal clouds are pure white. If you wear polarized sunglases its even more obvious and as you say when you were young they weren't there.

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Remember years ago the horricane that hit the east coast of Florida and instead of traveling up the Gulf Stream and out to sea as predicted it did a 180 and hit the east coast of Florida again. They have gotten very good at controlling the weather.

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however, the behaviour of chemtrails differ

there is no such thing as chemtrails. its literally as simple as that.

It also makes me wonder why there is just ONE published paper amons 77 atmospheric scientists where one claims the ground contained as much barium as the sky.

Because papers are submitted for peer review before being published. when the chemtrail clowns have anything mildly scientific to talk about it might get looked at. Just because none have ever been published doesnt mean thousands of retarded cunts havent tried to submit it.

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you still haven't answered the question yet revert to a nothingburger response. You can't explain it so you say never mind that haha it just a thing, it's cold ice that behaves completely different from normal cold evaporating water. If it behaves differently, then how can it "not exist".

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I hung out in Sedona a lot over the past 15 years. Their skies were often a rich, clear, vivid blue. Over the past 3 years, I see a different picture. Stripes of residue are laid by the planes. Instead of dissipating, they spread until the sky is covered in a film of slimy grey. This occurs on many mornings. Other days, the planes leave no mark. It is not like there were no planes on those clear days, or that the temperature or airline flight paths or heights were different. It is crazy to me that intelligent people deny what is happening. Maybe they are unable emotionally to handle the truth. I admit that the truth makes me feel helpless and furious every time I see it. Thanks for this petition.

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I'm Canadian but I signed it anyway. It's just as bad up here.

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Thank you

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Is there any verifiable evidence out there that atmospheric aerosol injections are happening? I don't know of any plane that could do it. Seeing contrails behind planes is not evidence. I have flown many times and the plane I was in made regular contrails.

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Condensation evaporates quickly. The chems they are spraying hang around and spread out. These planes will make a checker board pattern overhead. Blue sky becomes white and hazy sky then becomes dark and cloudy. I have witnessed this at least half a dozen times both in the North East and in Florida.

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A couple months ago, I saw 8, equally spaced contrail/chemtrails spaced out over Washington DC. I've lived here a long time and never seen anything like that.

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We get the same thing most days. On a rare day when they don't spray which in our area is usually on a Saturday morning, I like to joke about it by saying, well I guess all flights have been cancelled today. The fun part is, if you carefully look up at the sky you will see that the jets are much more difficult to find because there is no aerosol injection to visibly track the aircraft. You can only see a short barely visible contrail that quickly dissipates.

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If that were true clouds would always be evaporating - never forming. It seems pretty straight forward to me, the plane stirs the air creating clouds. Depending on the weather the trail either evaporates quickly or sticks around.

Im not saying you're wrong but the chemtrail theory doesn't pass for me.

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That works for me...Dane Wiggington has done extensive research and documentation of this Issue....Thanks!

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I have pictures I have taken. I'm just trying to figure out how to upload without doxxing myself. You would think I would know by now...

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Contrails dissipate rapidly chemtrails quite the opposite.

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