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Every tactic being used on v/QRV has precedent on the chans. Loli spam, gay spam, tranny spam, the litany of failed famefags. Badges of honor, all.

The difference is 8ch had the filter option. Voat doesn't, at least, not on anonymous boards. That gap could have been filled by proactive mods. It hasn't. The shills are exploiting this.

Q established v/QRV with a couple of posts and an endorsement. They could establish another board with similar ease.

Thanks, OP, for the update.

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I don't generally get involved here on voat anymore but this information is 1 doxxing and 2 blatantly inaccurate. I own poal.co not phuks I am the sole legal owner of the domain the VPS and all of it. If you want know who I am there are multiple ways to get in contact with me that are listed on poal.co and on poal.co's sidebar. I respect phuks.co and their devs and doxxing them like this is a dick move. Especially considering they have no part in all this.

I thought doxxing was against this subs rules? Its listed as a rule on the side bar. I'm just saying.

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The other difference is 8chan has anon user IDs not just post numbers. So on QRV you get shills like the Capslock Spammer making a thread, replying to it like 20 times with an alt, and then using his own other threads to "prove" his narriative.

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QRV anon has so many deficiency when compared to infinity. Q oversight without a doubt. There just wasnt any other place to hold the redditfag horde. 8cha is home of the Q movement. With the server buffs directly implemented by Q assets, I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'm ready to let QRV go or whatever. I just don't care,

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Exactly. if you just had a feature that banned all future posts from a specific anon, contained on the post itself, none of this would ever be an issue. Instead you have to find out who is brigading and go block tons of users in their home subs. It works but it shouldnt be ten extra steps when the internal voat system knows which true account is spamming as anon.

This wreaks of a setup. They know who is attacking the sub and violating site rules. It seems it is beneficial to them to allow the attacks to force change.

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Yeah, that's a great post by @ideologicidal. It's straightforward and well-written. Loli spammers are even more suspicious than gay spammers and tranny spammers. Remember what happened to Reddit? The jailbait sub was used as the main excuse for former CIA intern Anderson Cooper to run the smear piece that applied to Reddit a pivotal pressure to break the back of its free speech culture, which has been slaughtered without mercy and is now long dead and buried. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to find out many of those who posted to that sub were agents. @srayzie should keep all this in mind, as history often repeats.

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Not going to comment on any of the drama as one more opinion isn't going to solve anything. But I will echo Srayzie's comments at the end. As a community, we do a poor job of highlighting (upvoting) good comments and downvoting bad ones. Especially the former. I constantly see people making posts and comments that create tons of positive reaction, but almost no one has upvoted them.

We're in charge of making the cream rise to the top for both posts AND comments. It doesn't happen on its own.

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This is VERY VERY important. If we can't do this, we're just pretending to care about research.

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Upvote for you! I agree!

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Lmao this is pitiful dude.

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How about a uproot and down vote primer to refresh all patriot minds?....

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I am late to this issue. so Putt is trying to help QRV get rid of the porn, and the QRV mods are not willing to help rid the porn? is this correct?

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Yes. Users have contacted them, I’ve reached out to them, a QRV mod who was also the QResearch BV was fired for posting child porn.

Before that, the board owner 8bit resigned and was replaced by one that used to be BO of TheStorm and CBTS 8chan boards thag Q replaced. They want respond to anyone’s pings or anything.

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Q knew that subverse would draw all the fire. They also knew there were other subverses that are already established here. Unfortunately, it looks like the standard Israel worshiper is the target audience for MAGA, so they're all jerking each other off on Twitter while the board slowly gets compromised.

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get rid of the porn, and the QRV mods are not willing to help rid the porn? is this correct?

Report Spam Porn Comment How-to At https://voat.co/v/QRV/3191597/

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thats what i am thinking. sometimes it hard to tell who is trying to divide us. I just downvote the shills. and I try to stay on GreatAwakening as much as possible hope this is helpful

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Somebody posted a screenshot. Probably fake.

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He is forcing them to remove anonymity about a month after getting DHS warrants served to him. Nothing fishy there.

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"But why, Brackett is no mad-dog killer; he's after something."

The real $65,000 Q is: For legitimate reasons or because it's cooperating in Hillary Clinton's obstruction of justice system? If it's the latter we've "seen something" so it's time to "say something" to our POTUS on the site he's conveniently provided us: [spez... added link] https://whitehouse.typeform.com/to/Jti9QH

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I cant believe everybody cant see that this is their way of exposing and shutting down that forum. Fastjack is a hero for standing his ground.

[–] Stonenchizel 6 points 16 points (+22|-6) ago 

WOW !... It looks like you have done a great job bringing this issue to the boss @srayzie

Keep up the awesome job @srayzie because you are the @BadAssModOfTheGAsub

We love Our Mods at the @GAsub



[–] srayzie [S] 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago 

Awww thank you! You’re pretty bad ass yourself 😎

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Thank you

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Much Applause and total agreement with the above sentiment! Thanks @Stonechizel, @Srayzie!

[–] srayzie [S] 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

You’re welcome Ziggy!

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Wait seriously no offense to anyone here but why the mod obsession?

How much do you clean around here? And if a lot, why? And - I have lots of questions on the topic of free speech actually, but I’m amazed at this in all truth.

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Telling Putt to go to hell basically is what he's doing.

Putt has enough problems with certain fed agencies right now.

Yeah, suspend his access to Voat and terminate his account, that's Putt's right, he's Voat owner.


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Wow. Are there only 2 PM’s? This is unbelievable. They were given something amazing. Something that would be a part of history when looking back. Something they could show their future grandchildren and they are making it a joke.

The OWNER of Voat PM’s them trying to get their attention and they are basically laughing at him. This is what I think... I think they are compromised, and they will blame Voat.

[–] BrainwashedByTrump 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

The #1 tactic of the left is infiltration. Once they infiltrate, they can control. Especially when it comes to information. From what I've seen over there, I don't trust these guys either.

[–] bopper 4 points 10 points (+14|-4) ago  (edited ago)

They have to be compromised, the only explanation for their response to Putt.

And their total lack of moderation.

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I dunno. Sure as shit would be convenient to “shut it down” after some people complained about dumb porn being posted. I’m in there a lot and I couldn’t give a shit about it.

If people can’t handle that, they’re babies. And if that’s what seems to be “compromised” about it to you, I laugh.

Big. Hearty. Belly. Laughs.

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Wait...isn't this how the left DS plays the game?

Infiltrate Q's board.

Cause havoc (and hater posts) to keep normies away (can't send family or sheeple there).

Start posting porn. Ignore complaints. Claim "free speech."

Flip off the owner of Voat. Force owner to shut down QRV (because QRV mods broke the rules).

Blame owner of Voat for being shut down (waah, censorship).

Think "they" are successful in shutting down Q's board (LOL).

Q endorses Great Awakening instead. :)

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Yup. A known group of people shit up the board creating a problem that they then propose a solution for. When there's no anonymity they can then fuck with specific users. QRV's "Hot" section wasn't full of spam, just "New" and people were doing a good job downvoting spam in it.

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This is way too much logic for the ppl

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I’m a floater, I never keep track of where I am...

[–] insanitea 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The QRV mods only participate when their power is threatened. That should be a red flag. They don't seem to care about the sub either considering they let it be overrun and then made 'censorship' excuses for outright spam. Moderation on Voat is transparent -- they had no excuse and are creating drama out of a reasonable request. Puttitout isn't trying to ruin anything.

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What do you think a mod in a free speech group AUGHTA do? I mean, since it’s overrun.

Are you guys still on reddit atm? I’m confused. Where the fuck am I?

[–] insanitea 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

You're in a sub that actually moderates right now. And look, there's nobody getting on your ass about talking like (((this))) or complaining about being censored. Doesn't mean they'll be okay with anyone spamming porn everywhere though, and that's expected.

Moderators curate content to keep it ON TOPIC. That doesn't imply censorship, so I don't see why everyone has to be so damned abrasive about it.

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I never entirely agreed with the part about removing anonymity but at the same time it doesn't make much of a difference to me. It mostly only led to people taking advantage of it to shitpost anyway. The only thing that changes is that posts aren't tied to any of our other posts, which the shills probably love. Even so, QRV is for the research anyway and we're still mostly anonymous even with just our nicks. Whatever Puttitout decides to do, the ones who aren't shitposting shouldn't care as much as they seemingly do. What are they so afraid of?

[–] Ziggyspeaks 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Wow. Looks to me like the Hatred and shitposts from the Chans shills has found its way to QRV. This, my friends is what PANIC looks like in its MANIC form! (LOL Manic Panic!) Call me a pussy if ya want BUT, this is precisely WHY I truly am glad to be a part of the V/Great Awakening family!

[–] Qureaucrat 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

yea im kinda liking it here to. less vitriol, more discussion on the subject matter

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This place is waaaay better. Srayzie does a good job (edit: all mods here).

Being accountable makes for better people. Isn't that what Q is all about? Accountability? Transparency?

Hmmm...could it be that Q was expecting this QRV mess? That Q knew it would be infiltrated and turn into a toilet? Could it be a honeytrap to catch the bad actors (Voat mods, shills, haters and infiltrators) and those who try to spam porn, slide and subvert the information? Giving enough rope to hang themselves?

And, now that I think of it, hasn't this been a common Q, Q+ tactic?

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