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N_ _ ? World Order

The N does not stand for New? as Q has hinted

We've been infiltrated--Trump is in the Way. Pray for the Man and for our Country!!

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Can you link to where Q has hinted that?

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qmap.pub post 935, 936

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Its Nazi. The left and the RINOS in the us are the forth Reich. In fact I would say the "globalists" of the world and the EU are the Forth Reich.

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I believe you are correct.

Did we really win WWII?

Operation Paperclip, Operation High Jump, if true would suggest 4th Reich is the Cabal/Deep state.

Was NASA, CIA, IRS, 3 letter Intel Agencies Infiltrated?

What was GHW Bush real family name?

What Families and What entities make up the NWO?

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in the meantime, the MSM has been trumpeting that Comey was/is a conservative. The communist take over in America started in the 50's and continues to this day. Joseph McCarthy was correct after all.

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Been preaching this for decades.

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No matter what Comey turns out to be, he is TRAITOR FIRST, then add whatever fucked up extension after being a traitor.

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Not really a Comey fan, but to be clear: what he was in college only matters if he's still the same way.

There are liberals - and even communists - who leave the dark side.

Reagan was a leftist in his early years. Until the commies showed him the error in his thinking (they threatened people and that woke him up).

I'm more concerned about whatever Comey did or didn't do as it relates to the last 4-8 years. And there's plenty of material there.

Contrast what I'm saying against the idea that Brennan IS currently a communist and a muslim, same with Hussein.

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I thought it was obvious by now.

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Comie Commie