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Don't know what thoughts??? Means exactly, but GA has mods who try to keep unity and peace among Q patriots on this sub by banning porn and other crap posts...I get it, free speech is a right, but that doesn't mean your right to offend me with shit posts overrides my rights not to have to sort through it to get real information pertaining to subjects affecting our country...if Q ueer R eprobate & V ile is something that doesn't bother you, then QRV is the place to be...some will say, QRV is the only sub endorsed by Q, but Q is obviously busy and hasn't seen the trash on that sub, because I'm sure he would pull his endorsement....if I misunderstood topic for post, my apologies, but that's .02 cents..keep up good work here mods..

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@RedCobra, this could have been posted in the comment section. A link to QRV with no description is not a quality post. I’m removing this.

@Shizy @MolochHunter

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Ok , is fair I would have to agree it wasn’t quality I do think funny tho.

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Yeah, just do it in the comments next time please.

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Is fair if I ruminate you Zyklon's homo partner?

I'm down wit all that.