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The One World Government is a Luciferian Globalist Jewish plot to pave the way for the reign of the antichrist.

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Yes.... This what @con77 said is absolutely true!


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But "antichrist" is already here.

Even John in scripture said there were already many.

Antichrist is anyone who denies Jesus is the literal Son of God came in the flesh.

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That Rattled me. I will never give in to these Clowns.

[–] fartyshorts 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Step 1: Global government, currency, religion and culture.

Step 2: (re)Build the third temple.

Step 3: Second covenant with the demiurge

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One corrupt government that you can never get out from under

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One saying I've heard that has so much truth behind it is: never let the government take any rights away, because you will never get them back.

They're only in it for subjugation.

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The European Union is the reboot of the Soviet Union. Technocratic(bureaucratic,)tyranny.

It is collapsing because it cannot govern effectively.

Freedom, as imperfect as it is, is also the only system that works.

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People always tell me how Europe is a mecca of progressivism. If you have drive, ambition or money, Western Europe will destroy you. They realized early on the best way to steal inter generational wealth is to tax it into oblivion. Simply slap a 35 or 45% inheritance tax, and force these people to sell. Sure they have money left over, but all those assets such as housing are long gone, leaving either digital cash (can easily be frozen) or nothing at all.

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Freedom? Where?

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Thank you for posting. Would like to see it more -posted on a series of billboards around the country alongside freeways people in the cities typically sit at for hours a day.

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Amendment 2 is the key to preventing OWG and THAT is why the dims are hell-bent on destroying it.

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Without a white majority the Constitution is going in the trash. They might even claim to embrace it while telling us ridiculous contradictions like the second amendment does not give you the right to own guns.

Brown America is going to be brown like shit.

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AMEN!!! When I was still teaching Social Studies, I made my students learn the Bill of Rights....even tested them on it!

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No, there is already a Jewish Babylonian world government for millennia. If you realize the Jews manage the banks and politics. All politicians are Jews and Freemasons. The New World Order has been implanted for millennia only now they want to approve it, make it known , they need people to ask for it because they have made the last crisis and prepare the blue beam. They want to present the people to the Babylonian brotherhood also called council of 13, council of the 300 etc.

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