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Aaaaand that's why we still have Obamacare.

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And guess what pharma mob? Its never gonna stop. There will always be more good men like best to try to fix what you break. And if there aren't more good men like Best, you won't have the freedom to enjoy your wealth. Think about what you're working toward.

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Fuckin' glow in the dark cia niggers keep bumping off our boys.

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When they say "blunt force" it doesn't mean being beaten with a bat, it could mean jumping from a high building. It's said he was found near a garage door in a DC Apartment, so he could have jumped or been thrown from the top of a building. Max building height is 130ft which is sufficient.

What is strange is that those details aren't released. Wouldn't be much effort to say "this guy jumped off the 12th floor of building X. Every street in DC has video monitoring so that info would likely be available as well to the authorities.

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Ah yes jumping from a building will cause blunt force trauma.....righhhhtt.....

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Technically, yes a fall from a great distance would be called blunt force trauma. We don't know what happened here, smells fishy, but that's what normies will tell you when you post about this.

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He also could have been hit by a car and managed to get to the door

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Absolutely, it's vague.

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Yes, we need to honor all our American patriot heroes who paid the supreme sacrifice for America. May God lift his countenance upon him and bring him peace.

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Good post, There are so many to remember, very sad

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So Sad!

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And they're talking jail terms for this mob. Please, we must give as good as we get.

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