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I demand to see hillary the whore's. Oh wait, she doesn't pay taxes on her MASSIVE SLUSH FUND and the USURPING IDIOT used a stolen social security number from some 129-year-old dead guy from Sandy Hook to file his (for YEARS).

Then, of course, manchelle, had to sign that she was the dead guys fake wife and that alone is lying and fraudulent wire transfer. Posting a fraudulent document (fake made-up amateur-hour birth certificate created by brennan) on a U.S. gov website is also a FELONY.

Oh but you know, I'm just a conspiracy theorist BIRTHER in the know.

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www.BadAssUncleSam.com NOLA

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ya ya ya enough already

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Did you watch the video..? www.BadAssUncleSam.com

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no, had enough of the 'tax returns' saga

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