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Trump does not deliver idle threats. Defector information really spun things into high gear. Iran already has 5 nukes by my count. The first two are probably quite primitive. The goal has always be the genocide of Israel. Some setbacks to their plans/timing: Egypt (brotherhood loose power), Gaza (tunnels into Israel discovered and filled), Syria (too much disarray to be a threat to Israel).

When a dictatorship country is sucking wind (huge inflation, etc.), the dictatorship often deflects to an external enemy. My guess is that they were planning to lash out against the Americans in Iraq and Saudi. Possibly, even with a nuke. That would explain the big, quick spin up.

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Israel deserves to burn.


Well, tell me, between Iran and Israel, who has attacked America more?

You've forgotten the Liberty.

You are a traitor, to be executed on contact.

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Iran will do whatever it can to suck Israel into a conflict. Iran knows we aren't getting into a ground war. Everyone get's to field their latest weapons. Put up or shut up. Casualties hopefully would be minimal, but it could be the impetus for a palace/mosque coup if our military fucks them up badly - like Gulf I.

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  • YES. YES*

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The goal has always be the genocide of Israel.

So Iran is the good guys?

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Nobody is the good guys.

But Israel is no friend of the west.

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You forget that the purpose of this movement is to destroy the Jews. That’s why everyone is here; to finish what the Nazis started.

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could be that public opinion in iraq is so swayed by iran that that ridiculously expensive u.s. embassy in the 'green zone' gets overrun like the u.s. embassy in saigon in 75. despite the bazillion dollar price tag, perhaps its best to let them have it and get all of our people out.

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I wouldn't want to be left behind to secure the BEC.

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Fuck Israel you stupid shabbo got cucks. I spent my youth killing Muslims in afghanistan but it's disgusting to see you neocon faggot traitors pumped to send you get american men to die for your kike overlords.

When/if the time comes, I am gonna make sure neocons are held accountable as traitors.

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Everyone was blind and asleep then just as hate has blinded you now. Get a grip and be of real use to your Republic. Evolve. Grow.

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Lol let me guess. Evolving and to grow means suck jew peen. Nah, I'm more likely to ally with Muslim jihadis than Jew parasites.

To be honest, I don't care what most people do, and all others I don't like aren't a problem unless we are infested by Jews who bring their fuck all middle eastern shit to our door step.

You're just a weakling who thinks they are good because you have no claws. A cuck niggerfaggot who loves Jew penis.

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Go put your white hood away.

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Yourr the faggot who wants to kill in the name of jews. Actually no, you're not the one who had to do it, yourr the armchair coward who talks tough but doesn't know what bullets cracking near them sounds like.

Have you ever killed someone? I have. Its a terrible thing to send some young kid to fight a battle that you old faggot cowards wouldn't do yourselves.