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all in due time, HASBARA.

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I love Transfomers!!!!

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I love my country.and the Republic for which it stands.

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I heard Durham has been looking at your clowns for weeks.

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Ok, but what results has Q gotten? Any actual results here.

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Where's your idiot barry BTW???

Someone has been spam posting his twitter account for half a year now!!!!!! (yeah, I'm SURE the idiot would post all that shit about himself by himself).

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Well, I remember reading "The midterms are safe" over and over. That worked out pretty well, right?

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Please spare me idiot. Q knew that Callaghan would be appointed a year ago. He has your losers figured out and is stalking their dumb asses now (with their OWN bad laws).

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No question posts. Especially the inane ones you create.

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So you fear this question. Interesting! @Zyklon_B was right!

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@mark7 raped and murdered a white infant in 1990

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never question the plan aka wolfowitz doctrine

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It's the Kalergi plan

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we must stop it

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You Jew spewers sound the same as TDS patients and democrats, because all you do is fking hate, spew hatred, lie, and blame all problems of the world on one person or race/religion...take that shit somewhere else, because there are bad ppl in every race, color, and religion..there is no gray area in good vs evil..which one are you?

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Great question. I have been wondering the same, but I remain positive because we still have our guns. If we lose that, then it is over.

This is a fight to the death over control of the watering hole, as in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Another concern I have is that Christians are good and decent people, so they tend to not want to fight a bloody fight. They want to negotiate with evil and convert evil people. This is why they are slaves to the Satanists. The Satanists see kindness and compassion as weakness.

The only way to win this is for some heads to roll. I am sorry to say it, but there is no other way to be taken seriously.

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My biggest fear is that there are two scenarios....with the same civil war.

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Sometimes I honestly think we need to engineer a way to get them to go ahead and start trying to take away our guns. It would push enough people past the threshold of giving a shit so that they start using their guns the way the founding fathers intended and overthrow the established government, again.

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I think it would work.