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Who says nothing is happening...great post thank you.

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hope they drain the swamp before the DS literally burns up the rest of the state. Many are concerned

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In this post we will breakdown how the recent raid of 1000+ Firearms in California might not only be related to the Getty’s, but the forced sale of the China-owned Port of Long Beach, NXIVM, Fast & Furious, Mexican Cartels, Chinese Freemasons, ANTIFA, Deep State operations, and Human Trafficking.

This covers Port of Long Beach too! China owns Port of Long Beach. Q post 3313 was a picture of Long Beach Port. In post 1203, Q says “Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?” China has the shipping containers business there.

@Shizy @MolochHunter @Crensch @Vindicator @Kestrel9

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Even the possibility that a foreign nation, could own any port in the USA, STINKS of corruption and illegality.

Imagine, your house has 2 doors, you alone have the key to your front door,

but someone you don't know, has the key to your back door.

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Or worse a neighbor that hates you, wants to take over your house and destroy you, has the back door key

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Just got done reading all this with my 18 yr old son, and he literally echoed what you said. He also said it's no wonder we have such a major problem with all the various types trafficking and everything else.

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That’s a great analogy

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China still owns the Panama Canal which Americans designed and built.

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Thank you!

EDIT: Girard Saenz, I believed co owned the Holmby Hills property (and other properties reportedly) with Cynthia Beck, the Bunker Hill (Saenz'soffice) building is owned by Beck.

Saenz was once engaged to Norma Nicholls, who was an aide to Larry Lawrence (a big Clinton donor, Amb. to Switzerland under Bill Clinton, given an Arlington Cemetery burial that was later found unsubstantiated and his body was moved).

According to the Coronado Eagle, Nicolls, who’s now 81 according to My Life, was still working for Lawrence, when Saenz, her fiancé at the time, led the design team for the restoration and remodeling of the Lawrence’s Crown Manor. link

Lawerence's wife Sheila Davis Lawrence, was named Jan Doe 7 in 1998 Paula Jones sexual harassment case against Clinton She denied having sexual relations with that man, Bill Clinton. Sheila and her husband helped Bill and the Democrat party quite a bit. Larry Lawrence ran Hotel de Coronado, a famous historical hotel, where most of the last presidents in recent history visited (sans Trump as far I know).

The beginnings are traced in letters made public two years ago by Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock. “In 1944, FDR narrowly prevailed over Tom Dewey,” wrote the Hotel Del’s then-owner Lawrence to the president-elect on November 11, 1992. “That was the last time San Diego voted for a Democrat until your victory. In addition, ‘our’ lucky charm, Shelia, brought in two new Democratic members of Congress, two State Senators and four State Assembly members. All categories are records for this area.”

Crown Manor, owned by Larry Lawrence, but the property already had a history of hosting fund raisers for Ca Democrat politicians, when it was called the Van Ness Mansion


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Wow. There’s so much to dig thru here.

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Great Post! Thank-you! I had been wondering what that guy was doing with so many guns in Bel Air, and Trump forcing China to sell the Long Beach Port....a LOT going on behind that curtain! A Chinese MAFIA running California???

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Girard Saenz in court.

LA Democrat Judge: Mr Saenz, what were you doing with thousands of guns and ammunition?

Mr. Saenz: Your Honor, I just love the smell of gun powder in the morning.

LA Democrat Judge: [Bangs gavel] Free to go.

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It's interesting to note that All Gore took donations from China at a Hacienda Heights, CA buhdist temple. So it should not be a shocker to hear they still wield influence in America. Moreover, the local school district began a Chinese language program that drew much controversy. So I would not be shocked if more arrests are made soon.

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I read yesterday a $21M campaign donation to Obama preceded the sale of Long Beach to China.
Good work, Trump administration!

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Article link? Because if that's true, it's a violation of 18 U.S. Code S. 201, Bribery of a public official.


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This is making plenty of sense you'll be amazed on how the SF chronicle even did an interview with the man named shrimp boy.... There's plenty of this Info around. As well on how deep the Chinese had gotten there fingers even deeper when the 2008 recession hit..... I remember it all man.... This sick fucks.

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Wow this is pretty amazing connection. The Q proof is pretty damn irrefutable.

@srayzie @vindicator - Read this article!

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Oh snap!

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Excellent article. I wonder if the Spec Ops raids in LA are connected?

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That was my thought too. And the raid in Long BEach which had far less coverage.

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Thanks for the ping :-)

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Well now the aholes are constructing toll booths on OUR interstate highway (I-10) I seem to remember the taxpayers paid for that (NOT greedy leftist fascists).

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Same shit they pulled and tried again to pull until land owners protested en mass here in Texas.

Used our tax money, charge crazy high tolls that don't get paid even in part back to us plus the jobs they promised were a lie as they built but never manned or only for a couple months the toll booths and went to cameras instead.

Also a huge racket in late fees amd penalties if you miss a note in the mail a $2 toll (you get a separate letter per toll even on same day) goes to $16 then $35 then hundreds of dollars. No way to log in and see all your tolls for your license plate. Only alternative is to keep a tracker in your windshield and hope you don't get double billed or it "fails to register" so you end up back with missing letters and warrants for a $2 toll and thousands in penalties

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Can you provide a link? Where is this being done? They are called FREEways.

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10 Freeway toll lanes approved for across San Bernardino County (I-10)