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ChuckE2009 taught me much of the small amount I know about welding. I liked his welding videos until now. Now I love them. And When he gets deplatformed for slinging some truth, I'll follow him.

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It’s been disabled...so it must have had good info.

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Now that's speaking truth that a lot of us are to scared do. I would but you did a perfect job!! Kuddos!!

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So he says Jesus hates more than their Satan? I swear I read somewhere that compassion is the answer. Evil has found a backdoor into humans, The hatred and rage this guy is spewing in not of any good entity, you know like God.

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We are in a CIVIL WAR, fighting a WORLD WAR, while living in REVELATIONS - It's Time To Call THE HORSEMAN https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/001/377/460/97c.jpeg