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I was there Srazie. Epic is correct. Trump astounded the crowd with his wisdom and reminded us of his Great accomplishments. Promises made promises kept. Greatest event I’ve ever been to. Even saddled up with Q folks and Great Awakening followers. The love was spread so far and wide. Making 8 Chan sealed the deal.

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Panhandle people are great American patriots. I am not surprised at the epic turnout. It's just great to know that we have a leader who cares about regular forgotten men and women who wondered if things would ever turn around after 8 dismal years of the deceiver in chief. It seemed like such amazing spirit tonight. I felt like God was in the middle of it for some reason. Budifugg doesn't have a clue where God's spirit is.

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But not trending at all. Nope. How is this legal to politically attempt to alter the landscape of an entire continent with your fuckery, @jack? We are 9 million strong on a slow Wen night

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My fuckery?

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not u m'lady. of course I mean the democrat slimebag @jack.

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He means @Jack of course.

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I am completely past caring what anyone twats... or tweets. What’re people expressing on free platforms?

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Support for Trump and his drain the swamp agenda is sooooo much bigger than the world realizes.

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How much is9,220,000T? What unit is T? Tenths? So 922,000 whole tweets?

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9,220,000 Trillion.

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I cannot say for 100% certainty but I have some doubts over that number, two reasons I have run it through a few # analyzers and have not found a huge spike in volume *caveat it can take up to 48 hours in some instances to fully propagate to the reports I look at. The other issue here is the ....T Tweets , I am not familiar with a circumstance whereby twitter appends a T to the number.

Finally it would have outperformed the highest trending tag at that time by a factor of 12x but is not showing on indie analyzers.

I could be completely wrong here, Jack has a major stick up his ass and I dont know how this data gets pulled out of twitter but said I would give you my 2c.

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u didn't show the proof that it's real.

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Great numbers and don't forget not all of us use twitter. We are everywhere

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