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great job, patriot!

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Wouawww! Nice find @srayzie

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Thank you Aminous!

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Awesome. Let's lock these people up already.

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I’m right there with

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you damn autists are AWESOME....JUST AWESOME......SALUTE TO YOU ...........WWG1WGA...LOV YA'LL.

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And of course, Weinstein is connected to Alefantis via probable pederast Michael Stipe, as both the Weinstein brothers and Stipe were producers of the 1998 film Velvet Goldmine (during the filming of which, Stipe allegedly repeatedly raped a 20 y/o Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) and Stipe co-produced the 2012 YouTube documentary Me at the Zoo with none other than James Alefantis.


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Great dig! Richard Branson -> Barack Hussein Obama

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Agnifilo "My practice has also included the representation of select clients charged with offenses such as murder, firearms possession, or other similar matters. Finally, I have an active international criminal practice, working with local counsel on matters charged by the governments of Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan as well as investigations in other countries."

Interesting there are so many connections to eastern Europe.

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That's where Epstein sources his girls. Trafficking Russian/Ukrainian girls into prostitution has been a thing for decades. Shit like "Taken" is based on that stuff.

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Great post! Thanks for the ping

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You’re welcome Kestrel!

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