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So nice to witness one of the few comedic gems left in the world wake up and smell the Democrats bullshit & Hypocrisy! Another FORMER liberal walking away from the Democrat plantation!

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GREAT MOVE, shoving Noam Chomsky up their chute! Brilliant.

There are a lot of old hippies out there who might not be noticing the 'slippery slope' they are now on. If they can just drop their old peace, love and rock&roll transmission INTO GEAR this one more time, they MIGHT be able to see that what Donald Trump and all the people working with him are trying, really, to bring the hippie ethic into these days and actually accomplish some of the desired changes.

End to WAR for MONEY

End of FIAT Debt Slavery

End to INTRUSIVE Government snooping in private lives


A new sense of local, national and global community.

THAT is what Donald J Trump and the Global Alliance is all about.

PLEASE, Open your eyes, my hippie, gummer cohort!

Censorship IS Suicide.

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As a former hippie, I can tell you a lot of us woke up 3 days into the Obama administration. I hate to say I was a Liberal. But you know, when Obama's first act was to extend the Patriot act after he campaigned on abolishing it, I took notice. Then he went after places like Vegas and Hawaii, declaring they were too luxurious for people to travel to! Then he started going after the business I'm in. I lost $25,000 because of that POS. This is why, as a reformed Liberal, I keep telling my MAGA friends to look for the one little chink in the armor that will red pill someone. You have to find the thing that will make them step back and say, "Wait a damn minute!" It's always going to be personal. What pisses you off will not piss them off. Keep listening for those clues and then when you see an opening - POUNCE. Just like that twitter feed on an earlier thread - https://files.catbox.moe/sdl67i.pngPNG Using War and the way the intel agencies have played us is a common theme among the Left. If you can slip that in, you may break through.

Again, apologies to all for my earlier wayward ways. I just didn't know what I didn't know. But the Left needs to beware the recently converted. We are a force of nature to deal with! Once awake, we are on a war path. No one likes to discover they've been played. There's a reason for that saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." It's about betrayal. And truly hell hath no fury like anyone who discovers they've been betrayed. A force to be reckoned with!

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An honest man. Let's see what they do to him now.

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You can do it!

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It definitely is getting 1984ish!!

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I saw RS live (opened for the Sandman!) and he definitely took his daily red pill vitamin. His opening bit was about reverse racism LOL!!!

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He has been a vocal advocate for vaccine reaction awareness and questioning the vaccine tyranny.

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Wow, what a weird world we live in. In 2019, Rob Schneider is the voice of reason.


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https://archive.ph/X4Yk6 :

Mollie on Twitter: "Poynter apologizes, pulls list of 'unreliable' news sites, citing 'weakness in the methodology' t.co/qtoarXVXfd"

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