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Nadler is threatening the current AG with Contempt of Congress is Barr does not commit a Federal crime for him by releasing protected grand jury testimony. Think about that. Barr is being blackmailed in an attempt to get him to comitting a federal crime.

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first pencil-neck Schitt, now needle head Nadler. Sheesh

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Doesn't POTUS call him "Fat Jerry"? It fits, gotta love his nicknames.

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Didn’t Nadler play the role of General Burkhalter on Hogan’s Heroes.

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That’s how psychotic these people are. And to think they have been in power for so long. These maniacs are out there running a mock!! Smfh

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It works with everyone else.

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This is a completely load of nonsense and it's not even what Barr complained about.

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Barr wasn’t complaining about anything. Nadler demanded the entire unredacted Muller report and Barr said no because releasing the Grand Jury testimony would be a violation of Federal law. Barr wasn’t required to release any of the Mueler report, but he did in the interests of transparency. We have something in this country called a presumption of innocence. If the subject of an investigation is not charged, it is abnormal to release any investigative data.

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It’s honestly just the Dems making a bunch of noise, and trying to create favorable media optics.

It won’t make a difference. The hammers coming down either way.

This is the death blossom.


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“Death Blossom” 😜 LOVE IT!

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You said it.

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Nadler should just get off his fat ass and go over to Barr's office and read the unredacted report. here's some interesting info on his son. https://teapartypac.org/bombshell-jerry-nadlers-son-works-for-firm-suing-trump-he-must-recuse/

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You are correct as that is exactly the Dem's intent ... the dirty conspirators KNOW that criminal indictments are imminent and this is their feeble shot at "PROJECTION" - (ie: claiming Barr is prosecuting/persecuting them because they held him in contempt of congress) ...saddly it will be repeated loud & often enough that some loyal but brain damaged followers will buy it

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PT Barnum said it best... "one born every minute"..

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MMMMMM-MMMMMMMMM Smell that popcorn Poppin'?

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It unfortunately means there's a conflict of interest on Barr's part.

Hmmmm... I wonder who he's going to appoint as special prosecutor to investigate this? ^___^

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There you go being all logical and everything. That will never do!

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