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The MMR vaccine is only available in the US from one manufacturer.

None of the three constituent vaccines are available in monovalent varieties

No safety testing has been performed on any vaccinations since shortly after Reagan signed into law the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986.

Double-blind placebo testing, the gold-standard for all clinical trials of FDA approved drugs, has never been completed on the vast majority of vaccinations

If the current rate of growth of autism diagnoses continue through the next decade, 80% of American baby boys born in 2032 will be autistic.

$4B in tax payer dollars have been paid over the last two decades as restitution to victims of adverse reactions to vaccines.

Remember: the people who are telling you that EVERYONE vaccinates and that those who don't are a danger to society are the SAME people who recommend mutilating your infant son's genitals.

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Also richer families don't vaccinate.

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wow good stuff

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The MMR vaccine also has aborted fetal cells in it. Should we really be objecting DNA from a dead baby into our babies? It's just sick!

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They also contain simian DNA and RNA, as well as up to 40 different diseases (SV40), including but not limited to, AIDS, Leukaemia and cancer. Listen to the doc that created these vaccines tell you himself.


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I read a peer-reviewed paper recently that suggests that having mumps in childhood is actually protective against ovarian cancer, which has a poor survival rate compared with other cancers as it still can’t be screened for in its early stages, and its incidence has increased with the introduction of the MMR. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2951028/

Similar to the research on fasting, the human body can do amazing things, which are suppressed by modern medicine and lifestyles

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The people who did this should get ... LETHAL INJECTION.

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Listen to the Dr that worked at Merck to create these vaccines talk about how said vaccines infected a whole generation with diseases like AIDS, Leukaemia and cancer. Listen to the admission straight from the horses mouth.


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