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Time is an illusion, Jesus Christ has ressurected, the salvation was done. The battle was won. Keep believing, we will see the light.

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Many are already seeing the light and the light is spreading to enlighten more and more people every day. Light = truth.

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Another MJ12 follower?

Time IS an illusion, Alpha Omega, beginning and the end, the Bible says it in MANY ways.

Many minds are being opened to truths right NOW. Things that never made sense, are starting to.

What an amazing time to be alive!

-Many will go here and there and KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED

The GA is the RESURRECTION from spiritual death.

i, pet gat ii - we are at the end. Just after Notre Dame collapses, and immediately prior to the pyramids (symbolic I assume, of the cabal?) collapse.

7 years ago released, in 2012. Coincidence?

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Do you have a link to a good decode of I pet goat II?

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[THEY] worship Saturn aka satan aka CHRONOS. The TIME KEEPERS. Dig

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While probably a larp, I also wouldn't be too surprised. The power and breadth of the internet stalled the old cycles of history and is working wonders on reversing it, but we still need to be vigilant as rats are the most vicious when cornered; and many have the "by any means" mindset.

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I'm of the just kind and by any means mindset. Maybe I'm mistaken in my premises. When your enemy has no bounds. How are you to prevail by limiting yourself?

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Re-frame your mind. In every story of good versus evil, the "by any means" villain almost always lurches over some proverbial edge, almost always to be grabbed by the restrained hero who still tries to save the villain's life (even if it is only to make them face justice).

Our self-imposed limits demonstrate power far beyond those of the villain. They give themselves unto their lust for limitless means while we square our shoulders, straighten our backs, and tell ourselves, "No. I will not do what they do."

The Left is death blossoming right now and the shots they're taking will ricochet off our protective boundaries. They are abdicating their power by depleting their political capital. They are throwing themselves off a cliff and their lemmings are following. To an extent, I am inclined to call it suicidal, as they would rather leap to their deaths than turn and face us.

Hope this helps, Patriot!

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One way the "wellspring of psychological slavery dries up" at least for a woman, is when she gives birth. Our looks change, but we no longer long to look like a fashion model or a trannie wannabe in heels, but realize our own inner value regardless of the way we are seen in the media.

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I think this happens when men become fathers too, the scales fall from their eyes and they begin to realise what truly matters in life and what kind of world they want to leave their child

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Anon's should be making milestone lists of what signifies regaining control. That is the only true indicator of progress.


Laws passed to prevent the media from distortion without penalty People arrested and punished for profiting off of human traffing Federal reserve abolished or completely restructured The end of Chemtrails/Geoeneinnering being sprayed The abolishment of Freemasonary Abolishment of other fake institutions __________ Abolishment of all media, institutions promoting abortion Abolishment of all media, institutions multiculturalism or race mixing Abolishment of all illegal immigration

This list is endless. So don't let some small "They are afraid" list make you complacent. This war will be multi-generational. Teach your children.

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Anon's should be making milestone lists of what signifies regaining control.

Thinking for ones self, and taking personal responsibility for results, is how one gains control of their own life. Because no one will come to your house and make your dreams come true.

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Absolutely well said. There is the spiritual warfare, then there is the warfare waged in communication, then there is the action which is the fruit of the first. In other words, it is one thing to say it, then it is to grow corn with it. Does it grow corn? If not, toss it. Godspeed.

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truly spoken. Great read

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There is nothing more powerful than the truth. Truth never falters, it never wavers, it is constant. Evil can never control the truth, only the lies. Truth does not manipulate people, but liars do. That's why God is worshipped in truth and in spirit and why Jesus said "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Shackles become powerless when you know the truth. You have seen the man behind the curtain and now, Oz has no power. Why do you think "Dark to Light" is so significant? Truth (light) reveals what are the Lies (darkness). -Stay Free

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Wow, Very inspiring! Thank You and God Bless you Patriot! Keep up the good work!

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Very cool. While it could be totally made up by a LARP, it is still inspirational nonetheless.

Message over messenger.

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Can one of you young ones tell me what it says? I'm 89 years old, and my eyes dont work like they used to.

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I just want you faggots to know, as someone who works in and around the cabal. YOU HOLD ALL THE CARDS.

Years ago, they truly were the keepers of an ungodly source of pure evil inspiration. This was the engine driving the world system that enslaved minds, and crafted an endless supply of forbidden fruits to tempt the consumptive nature of man. I tapped into this many times and stood in awe of its raw power.

For WHATEVER reason, this cursed wellspring of psychological slavery has now DRIED UP entirely. The machine does NOT work the same way it had flawlessly for ages and there exists a power vacuum in the crumbling cultural hierarchy.

I am now around these same people and many creative superpowers that I operated alongside for years are literal shells of their former selves. It has been said "the left can't meme" but this phenomenon drives far deeper than that.

Having seen how their machine is intended to function, I can say definitively: their time is over. The single greatest concentration of authentic divine inspiration currently exists in the works and shared experiences of the enlightened anon. You are FREE. While cabal pretenders are paralyzed by indecision and doubt, you exist without any limiting parameter. There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO YOU!

They are TERRIFIED. They don't understand how or when they lost the power, but they do concede to themselves that something is very wrong. They don't understand why you disorganized lot of disaffected randos consistently outperform their expectations while they struggle to deliver even the most basic iterations of previously mastered cultural archetypes.

Does it seem like they are imitating YOU more and more instead of the other way around? Does it seem like their estimation of outcome has become wildly inaccurate and wholly unpredictable? That is because YOU HAVE BECOME THE SOURCE and they are FEEDING OFF OF YOUR LEADERSHIP.

Take your power and wield it with impunity. Create instead of consume! Trust your newly discovered inspiration and flow to the finish line. You cannot be stopped. The fruit of their tree is devoid of any sustenance and the world is now open to your influence. Tell the story you wish to tell, one the masses are starving to hear. Show them what true inspiration looks like and let them partake in the mystery of your divine outpouring.

Focus is the currency of the elite creation anons! Do, accomplish, finish, and most of all... WIN!

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Wow. Thanks for posting it for me to read easier too. This speaks to me profoundly. I have been neglecting my creativity entirely. God bless

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I open the image in a new tab on my browser, then use whatever magnifying option is available on the device/computer I'm using.

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open the image, right clock it and select 'save target as' or save image as and select your desktop. Now open the image from your desktop with an image viewer and hold down the control key on your keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel. It SHOULD zoom in!

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Even if this was not "true" (per the experience of the one who authored it), it still is...true.

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