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So is the plan to let the MSM just run their mouths about all this until BAM! Horowitz and Huber bring it all to the table? Is that why Mittens Wrongnee is bellowing again? What a whiney and sad little dick that guy is. Good LORD he was our option against The Indonesian. Geez. No wonder things are so screwed up. When you think about it, it's really insulting that they threw Obummer, Wrongnee and Hitlery at us as our only choices. NO wonder they're so pissed about Trump! He came in out of nowhere as far as most of them are concerned. "HEY, that wasn't in my script dammit!" Hah

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With the dearth of legitimate candidates in the party, Mittens has become the last great hope of the Democrats. His candidacy's implicit promise is to shut all investigations down in exchange for the Presidency.

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That would be hilarious, with Ann Coulter as his running mate! The perfect Dems, albeit they should make room for Jeff Flake's conservative conscience that turned him into a Democrat too.

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"So is the plan to let the MSM just run their mouths about all this until BAM! Horowitz and Huber bring it all to the table?"

That's basically the plot to "Godfather III", so it wouldn't be wrong to expect that.

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Michael Horowitz is investigating everything that went down triggering the Russia investigation. This has been going on for nearly 2 years. This report is to be released in the coming weeks.

Just one correction: I thought Horowitz was investigating the corruption of the FBI and DOJ.

Otherwise, nice recap.

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I am ashamed that I got excited about a potential president Romney, or that I thought him a decent guy.

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yeah me too. I even thought, "Hey, if the only thing they got on him is a dog on the roof of his car, he can't be all bad!" Of course that was a distraction from all the other shitshow that this guy is. So tired of being lied to!

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you keep mis-spelling habbening

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It's "Habbening"...some folks just don'e know when to capitalize.

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Yes, there is definitely a lot going on behind the scenes and has been for awhile. I think they're all going down eventually. POTUS' twitter account is giving us some big hints.

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The things I don't see in the list, are voter fraud prosecutions, voter id laws, assuming open Marxists are going to play fair in next election, I have a bridge for sale.

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This is one of the major issues that bugs me the most. This should have already been handled through DHS. They have the proof. Maybe they have been waiting for the MP to drop and it is already timelines.

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Agreed. I replied to an email from my state republican party for money saying this was a big issue for me. I didn't get a reply.

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If Mueller knew 18 mos ago that there was no collusion/obstruction... That would be around mid Nov 2017. (I'm guessing that, given the Dems track record of leaking, some intel assets in the media likely knew too).

Q only started posted little over a couple weeks prior to that. FWIW, There was a 23 Days Delta Between POTUS 'The Calm Before the Storm' and the First Q Post

November 13, 2017 was when Fox News reported that "Attorney General Jeff Sessions had directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate “certain issues” requested by congressional Republicans, involving the sale of Uranium One and alleged unlawful dealings related to the Clinton Foundation..."

“These senior prosecutors will report directly to the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein], as appropriate, and will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a Special Counsel,”

There's Been an Active Probe Into Clinton Foundation by Huber, Horowitz & Military Intel

Mueller was appointed SC in May 2017 and took 6 mos for team Mueller to put pen to paper that there was no case against Trump and then sit on that important info.

Interesting article if true: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/intercepted-cia-chat-rosenstein-was-blackmailed-into-appointing-mueller/

good to review imo Shadow Players are The Deadliest (Huber, Horowitz, Whitaker, Cohen-Watnick)

Good to look back at the glimpse of the 40,000 ft view too.

Media talked about Mueller but not so much those other ongoing investigations.. politics aside, could there be a gag order in place? (just curious).

NOV 19, 2017 Who has all the information? and NOV 19, 2017 Who has all the information? Pt 2

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in trump's admin there r no leakers, so msm knows next to nothing about them. trump's people don't break laws like the past dirtbags did to manipulate public perception. mueller had his hands tied thru an agreement with trump over his involvement in the U1 deal so he couldn't leak. he was saving his ass by cooperating as much as he had to. all he could do was drag it out in the hopes that others could do something to get rid of trump.

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I'd like to add "OIG Audit results you never knew occurred", it seems Horowitz's boys have been keeping a promise made by The President, "every Gov't. dept. will be audited" and working a bottom up approach. These audits have yielded hundreds of arrests, indictments and convictions and millions in Fraud have been recovered! Check it out: https://lighthascome.com/2018/09/26/exposing-the-swamp-oig-audit-results-that-you-never-knew-occurred/

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...There's MUCH more going on than these; re-opening of the Epstein case, Nexivm case, the 28 leak investigations initiated by Sessions, re-opening of the FEMA 9/11 investigation, etc. etc.

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Nothing scares the shit out of these swamp creatures other than an educated and enlightened population. Once we all find out that 9/11 was indeed a swamp production, these fuckers will hang!

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Thank you, including the comments, for all this goodness! Excellent patriotic reading! I compiled this into a single entity and posted on that other social media. I’ve red pilled a few people with juicy posts and comments from here. I keep hearing that nothings happening. Maybe some of those barking will see now.

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