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And how is this good to earn money later in life? .. i always warn people, the government needs to keep it finger out and politics even more. When they disagree, my final statement: the pendulum swings later in the other direction..

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Home school!

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Damn straight!

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There is a war on our children. A vile and evil plot to sexualize kids from infancy while normalizing pedophilia.

Dr. Kinsey was a pedophile and performed sex experiments on children. All our public school and NGO Sex Ed is based on his work and writings.

Planned Parenthood especially, which internationally known as IPPF, exploits 3rd world children. Sexualizes them. Promotes promiscuity and abortion and teaches AIDS/HIV status disclosure to sexual partners is unnecessary.

Info I've collected as the "War on our Children"

There is a war on our kids world wide. I posted this the other day. Please share far and wide.

1) Long documentary but important about Dr. Kinsey, porn & pedophilia. Media's part in this 1:35:00 - https://youtu.be/40ixDXCJoik

Hypersexualizing us all by porn. Training young brains, especially males, to objectify women and children as sexual objects devoid of love. Increasing the addiction to more and more extreme material. Young women dressed as school girls and "pedophile jokes" in sex magazines. Rewiring minds as they flip pages between images?

That pedo cartoonist from Hustler made fun of all the things he did to his daughter as a joke too. It's discussed in the linked documentary above.

Pornography is by design used to create pedophiles and normalize the behavior. By design by the sick monster Dr. Kinsey. A man revered by Leftists and Planned Parenthood and our public school system.

2) California university’s website says its OK for children to engage in 'sexual play,' watch porn -


3) Sex education in schools is Sexualizing Our kids in Pre-K, promoting abortion, promiscuity, masturbation for very young kids etc. Planned Parenthood international organization is behind much of this.


4)Gender Confusion - Gavin McInnes | KINDERGARTEN INDOCTRINATION


5) Pushing for normalizing Pedophilia rebranding as MAP