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Awesome. I got in the fight to help save America. But I really doubled down when I learned of all the trafficking victims. They need us!

I redpill everyone I can. Opposition be damned.

Q stickers on both cars, Twitter, VOAT...

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Brilliant mind! Wish everyone understood your decodes. Always encouraging and uplifting!

The abused and murdered children were what got me into Q from fbianon, thank you so much for shedding light on this and pointing us to the real evil that propelled PDT to endure so much for all of us. There’s not a moment that I am not thankful for his great sacrifice! I am glad I will be able to thank him in heaven.

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Wow SB2, I've been reading all your posts and then watching various YOUTUBE channels break them down and I just could not get it. Numbers have never been easy for me. But I finally understood this one. Maybe there's hope for me yet to learn their comms

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Most EXCELLENT post/decode SB2!!! Mind=Blown

You make it look so easy, you’re exceptionally gifted at decoding...thank you again!

I feel like we’re about to see the storm soon, when these actions are made public...and evil is put under the spotlight...things are speeding up each day...dc is in a frenzy, and the hammer is about to drop!

Thank you again!

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It's Finally Happening. SerialBrain2, thank you for helping me endure to the point. If I was a "normie" of any type, someone who didn't know about Q on either the right or left, I would be so confused as to what has been going on in the world. Actually, even following only Q, I may still be confused. However, you have always been there for me to read between the lines and guide me to this point. Thank you so much... now about that coffee...

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I second.

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When you look at Q748, as mentioned by SB2. Flowers and Gardens. Remember Hussein's presidential painting, which they made such a big deal about and publicized? The one where he is sitting on a chair in a garden. They called it a "SLAVE" garden. "Garden." Get it? Now look at Q3191...

Thank you SB2. Brilliant. Mind blowing. Empowering.

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POTUS is maestro :o)

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Great breakdown of Q posts. I'm unfamiliar with this Maestro guy. Could you please enlighten me and others who are not in the know?

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The Maestro is President Trump!

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Gotcha. Thank you!

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