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"Oh shit! We forgot to unplug the phones and constituents are calling. Evacuate!"

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My first thought was what the hell was OP's question?

"Do you like 400Lb midgets?"

"Um I gotta go..."

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OP: Is your refrigerator running?

Staffer: No but we are.

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Someone misgendered

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Shut the whole world down! I need a safe space.

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Muh microaggressions lol

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Oh my GOD... Call an ambulance!

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Hopefully evacuated in handcuffs. 😁

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WASHINGTON (ABC7) — An all-clear signal has been given at the Cannon House Office Building in DC after an initial evacuation Thursday afternoon.

Officials say a fire alarm was activated inside the building which led to the evacuation, and there were no reports of smoke or fire.

The United States Capitol Police and the Architect of the Capitol conducted an investigation and determined that an electrical panel malfunctioned.

This story has been updated

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Someone pulled the fire alarm to stall for time, thanks on this.

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they got whatever they were after ... sleep well tonight DS

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Thanks! I will. With dreams of my liberal paradise. It’s fun to watch you all squirm like rats not realizing that you’re trapped in the maze that we built.

Lol. Keep thinking that you can fight back. We’ve already won.

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Bullshit... what kind of panel is this? What's the age? No way it randomly did this. Someone pulled an alarm.

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Ahhhh....no. It dont work that way. A fire or smoke detector...maybe. Panel. Not so much.

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This happens every time Adam takes a Schiff. They usually return following an airing out of the place.

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Adam takes a Schiff, wipes his Brennan, and shakes his Strzok.

There. I think that's what you were saying.

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Before or after Q team takes the files they need?

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Hmmm.. maybe "evacuate" is code for.. "It's payoff day, can't be late, gotta go!"

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"AOC is giving a speech and we're up to our necks in bullshit"

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I think you might have been lied to.

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From a congressman? Sheesh....we've got a conspiracy theorist kook over here!

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Sweet, thanks.

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WRONG! Total panic evacuation proven : https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/176693-2

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Temperatures approached 70 degrees and many evacuees took advantage of the weather, bringing their lunches with them to eat outside. Any specific emergency gathering spots were not strictly enforced, with staffers sitting on the steps just outside entrances to eat and chat.

Doesn't sound like panic to me.

It was a false alarm by the construction crew.

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I think you are wrong. Staffers don't do that over the phone. And there is an update....

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