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I’ve seen that before. He is a sick fuck.

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There's a version where people measure the dimensions of the leg/foot to show it's a kid. Disgusting.

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never seen it after all the time I've been here

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I'm not surprised at all

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and everyone around him==the whole sic cast of Pulp Fiction==everyone!

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Cure that!

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How about a full mag of FN P90? That should do the trick.

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whats that reference to? ammunition or something?

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@srayzie what is this?

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is this dump the reason FB and Instagram have been down for 6 hours?

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Oh crap. I don’t know. Just getting here!

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Interesting as he has already been pretty much cut off by Hollywood so they knew this day was coming and sought to take pre-emptive action over comments he made

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This is sick shit. Scary shit. I clicked a video and wish I had not. Will not post link. 12836422

Don't need to see anymore, don't want to see anymore.

The hammer needs to fall without mercy and quickly.

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Revised- I saw some stuff on the Chans a few months back and once you've seen it, you can't unsee it; it just stays with you and haunts you forever more.

How is this allowed to still go on? Someone should force everyone of those people in Congress to see this stuff; and any who go along with it should be dealt with severely.

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Dude.....I don't see anything! Just the same bullshit.

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it just stays with you and haunts you forever

A small sacrifice if you are exposing the truth, no?

You are going to scare people away with this.

A walk in the park, playing with a cat, breathing fresh air, goes a long way to focus on good things in life.

Remember: There are more good people than bad.

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Same with me, after seeing a few horrifying pics Lynn D R posted. I had to back away for several weeks. My body would start shaking uncontrollably.

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Can you or someone just verbally describe what's there that is seen so no more poor souls have to?

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Some illegal shit in there? Incriminating stuff?

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I always wonder. If an idiot actually posts illegal porn there, is it illegal if you watch it? I clicked a video and I lost my shit because I thought it was real child porn but thankfully it was some weird shit with people fucking dolls and shit. But, can people actually get in trouble if they stumble upon the real thing? It would be great if anyone with actual legal knowledge has any info on this. I legit can't tell through google search on what is and what is not illegal.

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nothing illegal, dude's just a pussy with a weak stomach

doesn't even really show anything

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Yes. I hope so.

I had to check out at cannibal shit...

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Way fucing passed due!!!

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Some sick shit. Seriously the hammer of fucking Thor needs to be dropped on these sickos. I’ve been through that rabbit hole and I came out sick and shaken. Couldn’t sleep from the sheer anger that there are fucks out there getting away with this shit.

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Those who know cannot sleep, yeah?

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Itnis fucking disturbing and sick. They cannot get away with it. I don’t care if fucking vigilante justice needs to be done. They are some sick mother fuckers

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Welcome to the front line.

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Godspeed Patriot!!

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Nope, nothing will happen(well, it did in 1933-1945), this shit has been going on for thousands of years. Reality is brutal, get used to it.

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I have a hard time following the chans format.

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You'll have to turn on site specific scripts to get the hover links to work.

Just put your mouse over the post numbers and you'll see the replies and original comments being responded to.

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Thanks for the info! I mainly use my phone for all this stuff though.

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OH CRAP.... Pray people. Its hitting the fan.

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Oh this is Rockin.Thank you very much Patriot.

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This helps me finally understand how the Flaming Lips got so famous.

It's tough to make a worse band, with a worse front-man/vocalist than the Lips and Coyne.

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