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The System isn't broken, it's fixed.

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Distraction? It is important and I don't think anyone should be able to do that, but is it something to change the subject?

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it might be sort of a "al capone gets convicted for minor tax bullshit" sort of deal

provable in court VS what they're actually up to

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I wonder if this is what Q meant by "March Madness" and "Fill out your brackets"


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Have a friend who was a provost at one of these schools. He told me in the late 80's that the Chinese undergrads accepted were able to cheat their way in with copies of any entrance exams, doctored cv's and influence peddling. I am so glad these people in the USA are being exposed, but I sure would like to see these Asian students(India, Japan and ME, equally bad, too) having to answer. Friend alerted administrators about this and of course, nothing was ever done. He resigned from the school bc of this. Bc you know when they knew he knew, he was the pariah. Sooooo I'm thinking tonight, he is smiling and I wouldn't be surprised if he is helping and wanting to shut down the foreign exchange student corruption, too.

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https://files.catbox.moe/q50z19.png :

2019-03-12 | Parents and college prep agent allegedly deepfaked photos of kids to make them look athletic / Boing Boing

"Parents and college prep agent allegedly deepfaked photos of kids to make them look athleticIn today's stunning news of a college bribery scandal alleging that ultrawealthy, well-connected, privileged elites conspired with a college preparatory business to falsify their children's test scores and bribe university officials to get them into the country's top schools, is this bit of high-weirdness, reported in CNN:In one case, [Rick Singer, founder of the college prep firm called The Key] even worked with parents to take staged photos of their child engaged in particular sports."

'In another example, they used stock photos of a person playing a sport and then put the face of a student onto that of an athlete via Photoshop, prosecutors said. '

'The two most famous parents of those indicted are actresses Lori Loughman and Felicity Huffman, but the full list also includes a number of Silicon Valley and LA power players, including investor William "Bill" McGlashan, who co-founded a social impact fund called The Rise Fund with U2's Bono and eBay co-founder Jeff Skoll, and Jane Buckingham, CEO of Trendera, a boutique marketing firm in LA. '

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Diddy and Snoop Dog both had sons who played football. Wonder if they were any good or if they got into college because their dads paid for them to play?