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Thank you for putting words around what I struggled to verbalize. In other words, the Matrix was a joke on us - they showed us what is really happening to us.

The Targeted Individual program must have been what I've referenced for years. Possibly what Mad Maxine referred to as "Obama's database". I heard rumors which were scrubbed of 30-50MM individuals (us) that were being prepared to be flagged as "enemies of the state".

Get off the meds; kill your television; grow as much of yoru own food as possible. It sounds impossible if certain metals make us "glow".

The key is to unplug as much as possible.

Good timing - Tucker Carlson just ran a segment on Mike the Headless Chicken - and the graphic stayed up for 20 seconds after the story changed.

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There's plenty of YT video's of targeted individuals and 'gangstalking' victims. [They] track your location via connected smartphone constantly.

Watch out with these new virtual glasses games as well, [they] weaponised them to scan your brain in relation to your eye movement or something, once you used them, [they] can manipulate your eye movement via smartphone electro magnetic signals. I've experienced this and it became clear to me after reading Q's MKUltra drops that it must have been through those virtual glasses that [they] did it.

Also watch out with wearing helmets while driving a scooter or bycicle while carrying a connected smartphone on you, [they] might be able to blank/ blind your mind for a short period, maybe because of wearing this metal casing around your head which enhances the signal. Experienced smth like this i think and it caused me to fall while driving a scooter, although i'm not 100% sure on this.

Thank God that Q/ Potus/ The Alliance is putting a stop to this, Amen!

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That's why I stopped playing video games when you had to put a quarter in them.

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Trump said "bye Hillary". SB2 then posts a book of nonsensical drivel with enormous leaps of logic that comes to the conclusion ... that Hillary is going bye.

Something that every other patriot knew the second they read the tweet.

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Laugh if you want, but you're missing the nuances of quantum meaning that's hidden within our "reality" which physicists are now saying consists of 12 dimensions.

"But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Matthew 24:37

The Great Awakening is going to be great. Some of us are ready for it and some of us aren't. Either way, WWG1WGA. (Remember, it's that kind of synergy that made America great.)

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Thank you SB2, This has cleared some things for me.

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Look how over the target you are. Everyone here is getting down voted. The shill accounts are being sent to shut down this message from spreading.

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Everyone here has 100 upvotes per 24 hours, I'm using mine.

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Gods speed Sb2. Thank you again. We Are Q now!

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Thank you again, SB2.

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Love your post! As always, really great. ThanQ!

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Thank you. That was an EYE opener.

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a good post...and a shout out to the mods for that 10k allowance

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10k is outside the scope of the mods, its system-wide.

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