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Thank you SB2. Whenever I see you have a new post, I stop what I am doing (unless I am driving), get a cup of Peruvian coffee, sit back & read your post. People have asked me how I know so much & several times I tried to explain about you, your posts, Trump's tweets, Q & the Q army, capital letters, gematria, time stamps, watches, pens & such. When I see their blank look, I stop, smile & say thank you.

You are great & without you, I would be lost. We will welcome President Trump's tweets, Q's posts & your decode. This is heavy stuff, but needs to be known so we can plan.

So here is my smile :) & my thank you.

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So here is my smile :)

:) Well received my friend and keep spreading the truth! WWG1WGA!

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Thank you . . .

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And for what reason do you hang onto his every word? I've been watching him for over 8 months now and not a single thing he has ever predicted has come true... Which is odd considering he is supposedly getting messages sent directly to him personally from Q and Trump, even though theyve said "no outside comms" a million times

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This connects a lot of David Wilcock’s insider testimony to Q drops and SB2 decodes. Also explains the extra dimensional beings decode from SB2 previously. Wilcock's insider known as Jacob was a high level person who worked for/closely with the Rothschilds, an interstellar businessman and sometimes wetwork assassin, he goes into great detail about the inside of the Rothschilds operations. He describes a lot of what is being decoded. If you didn’t know, there is a Secret Space Program, the Rothschilds control a vast majority of it. They have sold out humanity long ago to Reptillian ETs (what I believe most people refer to as demons) that feed off of human misery and suffering. This nourishes them, they need it to live and are truly the ones in control of this Cabal. The luciferians worship these beings and believe that if they can offer what they desire (humanity suffering) that they will be treated as gods amongst men, given immense power. In exchange for offering them the human misery and suffering they need to survive, the ETs offer the Rothschilds (and the Nazis before/during WWII) immense amounts of technology. The Nazis then used this technology and all of the gold/resources they stockpiled to create a “breakaway civilization”. This civilization has since been funded by the average taxpayer via the rigged Fed Reserve and Central Banking Cartel. This is part of where the $20T has gone, to develop certain technologies that are not available to the public, establish civilizations off planet, etc.

The whole Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 shit is a move to depopulate the Earth to around 500 million people so that were much easier to control. The plan is to get humanity to the point where we can ALL be controlled, microchipped and unable to fight back in any meaningful way. To become a slave race (not yet) and fear farm for the reptilians (already are). This is why the divide and conquer tactics are being pushed so hard. This is why the 16 year plan to destabilize America HAD to be stopped. They have the need for control. At this point in the plan the reptilians begin to make their presence known as there’s nothing we can do about it, they were promised the ENTIRE continent of Africa by the Rothschilds, so that they could live on the surface of the Earth instead of in Deep Underground Military Bases(DUMBs) of which there are 131 in the US alone, Roswell being one of them. They’re all interconnected underground as well.

The Q Earth vibration in November that lasted 17 seconds over and over for 20 minutes that scientists could not explain was signaling that Q team/ Patriots/ The Alliance, whatever you wish to call the good guys, have regained control of the satellites that can completely control the weather and natural disasters, when paired with ground HAARP. It’s no coincidence that right before this came the CA wildfires and previous YEARS of CA drought. And right after this signal (which reportedly destroyed some DUMBs and most likely will not ever be repeated again) CA drought virtually disappears in just a few weeks and Q posts about Corona satellites, amongst other things being in control now.

I’m sure none of you believe what I’m saying whatsoever, and that’s fine because I didn’t believe it prior to a ton of research and I still have trouble believing some of it as I still have faith in humanity that makes a lot of this hard to swallow. It starts to become undeniable when you have independent testimony from 10+ people who each obviously don't know the whole picture, only what they're allowed to know (compartmentalization), they are tested with tons of false positives, fake information that they then reject and all of their stories still fit together perfectly. Not to mention Q alludes to a lot of this and frequently says things such as: "the sum of all fears, much worse than you can imagine, the end won't be for everyone, etc". These things are not to be taken lightly, in my opinion.

Just as this SB2 post ends with, this will start becoming extremely unrealistic for those who continue to seek knowledge as the dismantling of this cabal begins to hit full momentum. ETs, child and sex trafficking, human sacrifice, adrenochrome, secret space program, vast suppressed technologies, and tons more. Where do you think the missing 20+TRILLION has gone? To all of the above, easily been siphoned off by these monsters and used to sell out humanity and build completely new civilizations. China has built 2.5Trillion dollars worth of “ghost cities” fully built out cities with roads, power infrastructure, EVERYTHING, etc that can house combined upwards of 60M people, but currently house nobody. What do you think you could do with 10x that money?

If you want a short primer on some of what I’m talking about, I can recommend Above Majestic: the implications of a secret space program. If you are seriously interested and can’t afford the $5 to watch it online, PM me and I might be able to get it to you via a cloud hosted solution in a veracrypt container.

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There are other entities on Earth that are not pleased with the Cabal. The law of free will is incredibly powerful. Once enough humans wake up to the truth the Cabal will be ripped off their golden thrones.

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Good words Patriot. Yes you're spot on! My reasoning also, here's my comment in the other SB2 thread:


I hope you've read the book I mentioned in it. You're right with the tunnels deep underground. I hear they're also connected by high speed super conducting rail trains.

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Thanks! Yep they're connected by superconducting mag-lev type(not sure of exact tech used) train transport! Thanks for sharing your post, you're also spot on!

Also, holy shit, how have I not seen this Q tripcode book list before!? Coincidentally 3 of the books listed are on my to-read list currently, they've just been moved to the top of my list now! (Both Devin Nunes books and the William Cooper book)

Do you happen to have any other resources of similar things? I try to keep an offline/local archive of everything I can of this sort of importance/magnitude just in case the censorship gets worse. Plus, storage these days is quite cheap, 10TB drives go on sale for ~$170 every once in a while.

Keep spreading the word, Patriot! We get exponentially stronger when our research is shared and multiplied!

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Thank you for the detail & sharing - very impressive. I understand how difficult this information is to comprehend & then to believe. I started not wanting to pizzagate to be real, but unfortunately it is. At first I could not believe the DS controls the weather, but now it seems obviously to be true. Same desire of not wanting shape-shifting to be true.

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Yeah, the shapeshifting thing is something I'll have to research more about. David Wilcock mentions that while his Rothschild insider "Jacob" was a human (or appeared to be in every facet), he saw an "overlay" of a reptilian face on him once.

I have no idea what the hell to think about that, but it definitely doesn't seem outside of the realm of possibility at this point. More research is in order.

Thanks for your reply!

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I'm happy to see David Wilcock being included in this Great Awakening discussion. Mentioning him on any Reddit's Q-subs would get you attacked mercilessly. Odd, considering Q saying we aren't alone in the universe. Thanks for the extensive comment. It all helps present the bigger picture.


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I keep an open mind and believe the bible as true and the word of Our Father in Heaven. I believe in demons and Luficer. This all makes sense to me and we need that thing called Love in the world. We need to support each other and help each other to help stop them. They knew that and that is why we are all so divided, so we are easy prey. Trump is bringing the world together the best he can and we need to help it with him.

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They want humans divided.

God has already told us that the Angels that left their first estate and "mixed" their seed with humans and likely many animals are an abomination.

These entities were never supposed to be made and as such their names were never written in the Lambs Book of Life. They are destined for Hell.

Don't play their game. Divided humans fall. Together we are Strong.


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I have often thought that these offspring of Satan dont have a chance to go to heaven because they are an abomination. That would explain their drive to experience riches and fame in their lives because that is all they get. One life with no chance of eternal life

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Nothing New Under The Sun!

Christians have known about this phenomena for centuries: Angels, Demons, Satan and the Nephilim.

As The Days of Noah Were

Return of the Aliens?


Topical Bible Study: Aliens/Nephilim



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Return, but they never left. Fallen Angels.

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Your work is amazing, as always. Thank you for all you do for all of us. We are part of such an incredible journey. What a wonderful time in history to be alive and have the proveledge of being a part of something that is changing our world, and ridding us of EVIL ! WWG1WGA

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Jesus Christ coming into these threads makes me realize just how fucking retarded a large portion of our movement is... first and foremost if you honestly think any of the bullshit this motherfucker says is true, even though none of his predictions ever come true, then why exactly do you think they would be sending coded messages directly to him that would be this complicated to untangle when Q is never ever that cryptic... Not by a long shot.. but yes, somehow Q and Trump have been sending personally privately coded message directly to SB2, even though they have always said no outside comms and have never ONCE broken that and Q has even said numerous times that anyone claiming they have had communication of any kind is a fake.. and don't try to tell me that sb2 never claims that they are directly communicating with him personally because I can point you in the direction of dozens and dozens of times he has said exactly that... unless you believe sb2 and then apparently they have broken that hundreds of times now, but only to him and only messages that he can somehow privately decode with a bunch of random math numbers that he pulls out of his ass and that anybody who actually reads every word of his shit would know that he pulls out of his ass because you can't sit there and say 10 - 2 is 8 and 8 is 4 and 4 and one of those 4s is 3 + 1 which is very obviously the same thing as 31 and 31 + 31 is 62 but only if you're a moron, if you're actually a genius then 31 + 31 is 3,131!! Booooooom message to us directly from Q and Trump and if you decode it correctly you would see that it tells all of us we are fucking idiots if we keep continuing to ignore Q's lessons about be careful who you follow!!

By the way, the reason that math I just did proves sb2 is completely full of shit you could have given me the number 3,131 and I can turn right around and give you some mystical magical math that instantly ends up giving you that answer and could have connected it to any other letters or numbers that you want me to through 5 or less steps of separations. Have you never heard of The five degrees of separation where you can connect pretty much any two humans on the planet through five steps or less... the same way you can do the same thing to the miracle problems and anyone with a slight bit of intelligence and understanding of how the system works can make anything seem connected to anything else, which should raise some major red flags because that is exactly what SB2 is able to make happen every single time...That is really all he's doing and always in multiple spots of his math theory does he either completely bend the rules of calculus, trigonometry, and standard math or just made up his own fucking rules for math so that it would give him the correct number he needed to proceed with his bullshit logic. Every single time, if you actually cared to look

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You fucking asshole subversive, DickTick. SB2 doesn't say that these comms are directly to him. He just has eyes to read what is stated to us all, in a way many of us cannot. He is like a translator, sharing his ability to read a language that is foreign to many of us, myself included. If you don't agree with a translation, fine, but then let's hear your version.

I'm sure all we'll be hearing is crickets.

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Thanks again for your efforts mate.... you make it all look so easy... it certainly does need you to open your own mind to what most of us used to laugh at...! Thanks again

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I watched Mercury Rising yesterday and thought of you, SB2, as the little boy. Alec Baldwin wanted to kill him. Strange how movies sometimes reflect reality.

Q749 Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours:


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I think movies reflect reality because Satan literally writes the scripts & then he has luciferian actors, directors & producers make & distribute the movies. Satan & his minions like to leave their "calling card." They tell us what they are doing & post it on the internet. We look at their posts & say that can't be true & discount it because it is (to us) so off the wall. They laugh & ridicule us, while we fight over what is the proper noun for a man that is now a women or how we should label bathrooms.

The church has not prepared us - only the Bible has told us what is true. We are too busy to read the Bible or too intellectual to feel their is a God, but hollywood sure worships the devil & they believe he is real. Or is he really a she?

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After getting to know Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brizille, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Jahana Hayes, Rashida Tlaib and many more... I think the devil could possibly be a she.

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Another great decode SB2!

I feel like you are just scratching the surface...it’s almost like Q is spoon feeding us the more disturbing information.

Maybe allowing for those who “don’t want to know” to turn away because they can’t handle any more evil deeds being revealed.

I’m sure the depth of evil is beyond our comprehension...thank god Q & POTUS are on our side!

Thank you as always! Looking forward to the next decode!

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Thank you FT69! You are right, it's about trying to get as many as possible to the finish line...

Q133 Hard to swallow. Important to progress.

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Thank you SB2 for all you do for this movement...it is historic!

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Oh guaranteed the evil will be an incomprehensible story that will take time to digest.

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Excellent work as always, SB2! More and more people here are starting to realize the deeper levels! As always you have our full support and we hope it has become easier for you to focus on this important work.

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