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I must miss it when its posted. I've look before and never saw a post.. it is such a dangerous issue and theres a hearing happening right now in DC about this. Theres another hearing next week in DC as well, and it's all in regards to the most recent measels "outbreak". With the head of the FDA coming out recently and saying he was going to mandate MMR vaccines for the whole country, I feel like we are coming to a tipping point on this. I know Trump is against vaccines, but he hasnt said one word on this issue yet and I'm getting really concerned.

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I will fight as well, to keep my family from being forced vaccinated. As of right now, my state doesnt have any bill's in the works, but is currently reviewing what they can come up with. So it's a matter if time... The media is complicit in all of this as well with their fear mongering and turning everyone against each other. People are fine until the media comes up with an issue and blasts it everywhere. It's so sickening.