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Gotta go traditional...kernels, a lil oil, heat in covered pot on medium heat until popping mostly stops. Melt butter, pour over popcorn, salt to taste...Sit back, kick feet up...Enjoy Show

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I like to sprinkle the powdered Kraft Mac and cheese packet and shredded Parmesan on my popcorn

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cayenne pepper

Great on steak, burgers, vegetables french fries, soup... Everything but cereal.

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Doesnt Kraft use dead fetuses for flavor enhancement?

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That was my fave too, until a pal introduced me to Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Yeast. Use that instead, equally yummy, sane zesty cheesy taste but much healthier👍

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Lol maybe not Kraft mac and cheese - maybe Annie's

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If your diet allows, pop it in some bacon grease in cast iron.

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If your diet allows, pop it in some bacon grease in cast iron.

And if your diet doesn't allow it, hangs diets 🤣!

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Bacon grease makes everything, literally everything better. My wife made choco chip cookies with bacon grease in place of butter yesterday

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OMG that sounds so good!!

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That's how I make it too.

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Plus: Non-GMO & Organic

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Yep, no school like old school. 😎

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I always thought that this PEDO stuff would have to be the thing to take them down. As you stated - anything that is political is going to create more division, but we have to have at least 80%+ of the public against this PEDO stuff which crosses the boundaries of political affiliation. Once they see this shit - then maybe they will finally consider the possibility (or probability) of their other crimes.....also this is both R and D, so there is no way to take political cover.

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Child rape, torture and sacrifice is the glue that binds this web together. You're right to think it will be the Achilles' heel of the entire cabal.

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I think if the normies ever find out what is really happening to children a lot would end up in a psychiatric ward.

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This was the redpill that brought me to my knees begging for God to be real. With God comes righteous justice and I've experienced enough to know righteous justice does not exist in this physical world because of the greed and ego of mankind.

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I hope so. Because the evidence is there for the viewing but normie’s go to church every Sunday to hear about heaven and hell and choose to ignore the hell on earth bc it doesn’t jive with their Sunday picnics and soccer games.

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When I discovered the depth of the depravity that is pedogate, I was ashamed to be a human being. I simply could not fathom the depravity. These people are beyond sick.

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We may still! The redpill on this is a tough one to swallow. Hard to deal with how it happened right under our noses. Betrayal & Traitors.

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al Capon was brought down by tax evasion. Hillery an Bill it will be Sex Trafficking, organ harvesting and pedophilia.

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Wow when you put it that way - sounds like Al wasn’t too bad! Whew!

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Kraft is a dear friend of President Trump. I saw an article the other day that quoted Kraft as saying that when Kraft's wife died, DJT called him every week for a year checking up on him and inviting him to do things to keep his spirit up. He also mentioned that our pres was one of the only people who was diligent about that.

The delusion-ed masses will use this kindness of our president to imply guilt by association. When President Trump does not lift a finger to help his friend, maybe some more eyes will open.

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it is happening. lots of people don't understand that those involved in going to prostituts and other ilicit behavior wont talk about it unless they think no one is there that disapprove of it. you can have five guys in a room and one who disapprove of prostitution and there will be no discussion on the subject. that one guy leaves the room and now its talked about openly...this goes for any subject that has social stigma.

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Optics is everything - right? Why not go to the theatre (Saturday night is a good time to go) - buy like 4 ginormous tubs of popcorn and turn to leave the theatre, if someone asks what in the blazes are you gonna do with all that popcorn - tell them 'The Q storm is here and show is about to begin!'

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Something is not adding up, why would a multi billionaire be in a strip mall in FL. in a jack shack? He can buy the best pussy in the world and have them come to a house or a hotel. He is smarter than that those places are full of camera's STUPID!

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Agreed maybe a set up or maybe he always got away with it or liked the danger involved. Always can look at these things both ways!

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I thought that too, maybe he has an Asian Spa fetish, those fucking things are all over Florida central Georgia, for Christ sakes when you drive down 75 in Georgia especially south of Atlanta billboard after billboard ads Asian Spa next exit truck parking. I drove truck 48 states and Canada. Another big problem down there are pain clinics illegal drug fronts.

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Wait ... the shills are saying nothing is happening?

Glad I didn't listen to them ...

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millions of children are being abused and aborted but we got these 55 arrests.

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I'm with you. So much evil going on and these people are celebrating Tom Fitton getting some dirt on hildabeast and some people getting arrested at a massage parlor. So, sad.

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Who are "these people"? I've been celebrating every corruption, pedo, drug, gang, human trafficking arrest ever since Sessions started the massive take down we see continuing to this day. Every arrest counts. And every victim saved counts way more.

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How do you cook a frog?

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Great post! Thank you! But listen, forget about microwave food, unless you want to destroy nutrients and ruin your health!!!

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I think you are soo right! There are soo many layers that have been built up for God knows how long exactly. BUT God is not ready for the world to end yet so..we will have to have patience. Either have patience or think where we would be if the cunt did make it in office in 2016..We wouldn't be chatting on here now I am sure. Thank God, POTUS and the Q Team!!!

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