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I'm wondering if this is his "perp walk." He's stupid, but smart. He wouldn't be openly contradicting himself (perjury) if he didn't have some sort of assurance(s) and a green light from the prosecutors to open up. The DS HAS to know that even their strongest attempts will fail, and this one is weak if it's truly coming from THEM. His "interview" on 60 Min opened the door for Graham and his committee to subpoena ALL of them leading to certain "revelations" and maybe some closed doors testimony revealing more. So, I'm leaning towards this being McCabe's "absolution tour," as it were. I wouldn't be surprised to be seeing Lynch some time soon.

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Yes, I believe this is part of the plan of the great awakening. It has to be done publicly and with the left's broadcast system. More leftists watch 60 minutes so it makes sense this would be where the white hats would send him to spill his guts.

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your watching a movie, he' already screwed and is playing out his plea "deal"

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That was exactly my thought when he started talking in public about his "book". I'm wondering if his instructions were to do this and not face the death penalty and get off with life in prison.

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Why does it take decades to finally arrest these motherfuckers?

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The wheels of justice grind slowly, but rest assured they can be used to grind bones into powder.

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Trump needed to remove and replace. He needed prosecutors that would prosecute and judges that would put them away for a long time.

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Your sense of time is interesting. 2 years in and we are talking decades?

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I was exaggerating out of frustration, obviously.

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Because you are fighting something so entrenched, so insideous, and so ingrained in the Deep State, that it will take years and years to end it. Sorry it can't happen on your (or mine) time line.


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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=No8pGQT3Twk&feature=youtu.be :

Joe diGenova Discusses McCabe's 60 Minutes Interview - YouTube

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An excellent Red Pill to prepare the masses for the Draining of the Swamp.