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Gee like none of the shills or deep state lurkers would take that info and pass it along to the evil people who would then wear green socks and claim it was in support of “The Green New Deal”.

That’s like “The Man With One Red Shoe” with Tom Hanks... but that’s a whole nuther rabbit hole for a different post that someone made earlier today. Wink Wink

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Sorry brother, just jumped right in and posted after I seen the original thread had been archived, didn’t look to see if anyone had reposted. Apologies my friend.

Ah shit just realised you meant another thread about Pedo Hanks, my bad.

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Sorry I wasn’t bagging on you about this thread, but the person who announced their intentions way ahead of time.

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Lol. Totally. 50 black dudes in green socks.

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my guess is Lionel Ritchie. " Helloooo?.....Is it meee your loooking forrr? "

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A lot of people’s guesses seem to be Eddie Murphy or Danny Glover.

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yea eddie murphy was my first guess

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My voat goes to ving rhames or lou gosset jr

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Made it a practice years ago to not watch any award shows. So, anyone who did/does, have the green socks made an appearance?

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Who the fuck are these people? Love the wall dress LMAO you go girl.

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Are you aware that the first 3 links are broken?

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Thanks! I think it was because they just had temp urls while they uploaded and made a slight change to the name of file they put them in. Fixed them

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obama is a netflix superstar, he went by the name renegade and kenya has green in its flag - could be the first kenyan president of the USA

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What a coincidence - was just re-reading the 4chan posts and looked up the Grammy's -- tonight! So glad others remember this. Don't know if I have the energy to watch these satanic creeps parade around but am sure interested if there is indeed a green socks guy. I hope he stays safe.

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Yeah, I won’t be watching this crap so someone report back later. thanks.

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Have NEVER watched an "awards" show...never will

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With your user name, you should know exactly who it is miss longstockings...


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What shade of green? Aqua marine is sort of green, but people usually put it in the blue category.

Perhaps the socks wont be on his feet. Perhaps there will be a pair of green socks left on the floor somewhere. I bet you anything, there is going to be a bunch of fakers for attention. It's too easy for a stranger to throw in a red herring, just to watch people scramble.

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