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This is what abortion is really about. The dems are offering sacrifices to the demon Moloch and their god Satan. Moloch continues to demand more and more sacrifices.

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Cusack was pals with Hunter S. Thompson - pedo & maker of snuff films. Thompson died in 2005 by suicide at the age of 67. In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were fired out of a cannon at a $3 million funeral paid for by “close pal” Johnny Depp - and attended by 280 people, including:

  • U.S. Senators John Kerry and George McGovern
  • 60 Minutes correspondents Ed Bradley and Charlie Rose
  • Jack Nicholson
  • John Cusack
  • Bill Murray
  • Benicio del Toro
  • Sean Penn
  • Lyle Lovett
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • David Amram (musician)
  • Sean Penn
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Jann Weiner (publisher of Rolling Stone)
  • Locals like Bob Braudis, the sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado
  • Sure wish they published the rest of the private ceremony's guest list

While living, Thompson was fawned over by late-night TV talk show hosts like David Letterman

It is going to be so very gratifying to see these evil creatures go down...into the pits of hell.

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You need something to back up your claims of Hunter S Thompson as a pedo and snuff film maker. I'm not saying you're wrong, but something to back this up would be good. Being friends with actors isn't enough.

Edit: I've found what you're citing, I will read it. http://www.theinfounderground.com/smf/index.php?topic=15047.0

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Informative Disappointing who attended Some were a given Others surprising Am grateful for your post

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IMHO, We shall not witness their punishment, because by that tome THOSE THAT LOVE THE LORD and are called by his name, will be transformed #NEVER_MORE_TO_FEEL_ANGER, Pain, sorrow as we SHALL have bodies NOT of flesh and blood, but HEAVENLY bodies!

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I'd never heard of him. Where does the reference to pedo and snuff films come from? Obviously it will be hard to find, hence why I am asking. That list is like a who's who of the nutters of Hollywood.

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In a spiritual sense, yes.

Actual physical (statues and alters exist) Moloch worship also occurs.

But this practice is not widely known and manifests in different and spurious ways.

Not unlike the Protestant church...everyone wants to get their own brand of worship/belief sanctioned by followers.

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You are 100% correct Baal is the demonic spirit assigned over America Check Sheila Zilinski & others They literally receive power from these sAcrifices

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They are trying to say that because we allow gun ownership in America, WE CONSERVATIVES are responsible for killing children, such as in the Sandy Hook case, as 'our' sacrifice to Moloch. This is their way of getting ahead of the narrative about to be exposed (HRC video of sexual abuse and murder) and their real sacrifice of babies to abortion and selling their body parts for large profits, eating their pineal glands, drinking their blood after torturing them to death, sexual abuse murder of children, murder/sacrifice of children in their satanic witch craft rituals. They are the most grotesque pig scum and they all need to be jailed or put to death for THEIR CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN. These people are EVIL.

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All these people SHALL be judged, and their JUDGMENT will be JUST! WE as mere mortals, not knowing the thoughts of our fellow man, WE can never truly judge them! Remember the THIEF on the cross? If he hadn't confessed with his mouth his sins and asked for forgiveness as he did, he WOULD have gone to hell; however because he did confess and believe, when he asked CHRIST to remember him when he got to PARADISE, the Master VERRILLY I say unto you that THIS DAY thou shalt be with ME in Paradise! Only Christ at that time knew what was in his heart!

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They MAY try to turn the narrative around, but as long as WE HAVE FACTS to back up our allegations, their rantings SHALL AVAIL NOTHING!

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If you read through this sick twitter thread, you will see that he thinks Trump is Moloch and a demon. They are trying to turn the narrative on us.

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hes blocked me so i cant read it but yes Ive heard second hand he has a hard core case of TDS

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Has nobody ever heard of signing out of twitter to read people that have blocked you?

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Oh yeah. So disappointing. Plus he's hanging out with one of my god awful Senators--Jayapal. But the whole gist--there are several references to Trump and his demons, his demon spawn--how he is a human trafficker, the whole 9 yards. Crazy town.

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So this article I'll link from ZH--this was a topic of hot discussion on Cusack's twitter thread--I just didn't understand yesterday what he was intimating about Betsey de Vos's evil brother--now I see they think he is building concentration camps in China:https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-10/brother-trumps-education-secretary-helping-build-concentration-camps-chinese

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Father Dick Cusack:

Cusack was a documentary filmmaker.

His 1971 abortion documentary “The Committee” won an Emmy Award.

He also owned a film production company.


John Cusack interview circa 2014: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/sep/25/john-cusack-hollywood-maps-to-the-stars-interview

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No fear of anything! Unfortunately for lil jonny, I can guarantee you, he is on a naughty list. And there will be HELL to pay, many times over. I imagine the more arrogant ones will get some very special treatment, heck, he may even be given over to those as heartless as him, to be professionally tortured. The best I could do for him, would be a cranial double tap.

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They are not even hiding it now.

Wonder why they are getting so confident or are they just losing their minds.

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Well that's quite a picture...

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