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Uhg. This story was so bullshitty from the beginning. I had hoped the cops would publicly shame him at least. Seems like they will just file this under unsolved hate crime instead of obvious criminal hoax.

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They sort of have. They haven't come right out and accused him of hoax, but they were pretty clear and punctual in confirming no evidence supported his allegations in hundreds of hours of cctv footage

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I agree. A bit annoying that they went on to clarify that they have no reason to doubt the validity of his story. Reading between the lines, it seems the cops know , but are unable to explicitly express it.

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Originally Ithought this was a Kevin Spacey night walk or a Chris and Stepencident but it sounds like they went out of their way to make an incident, rather than spun some other kind of happening

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Go to “Second City Cop”. It’s a Chicago P.D. blog.

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Obvious hate-crime criminal hoax. He needs to be charged.

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He should get a bill on top of charges for filing false report. Also something not unlike yelling fire in a crowded theater.

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He's known for never letting go of the meaty footlong no matter how hard he's getting pounded on. Gross. Joke went too far, but I'm not retracting it.

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He should be brought up on charges of filing a false police report.

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I wonder if he just described the person he had matched with on Grindr, and had gone to meet... heh

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I heard he insulted the man’s penis size and the guy lost his shit.

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Boy, Christine's guy sure gets around and manages to look 17 after 35 or so years gone by! Need to know what skin moisturizer he uses!!

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looks alot like Stormys Ex-Ol-Man?

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That was the joke...

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Got beat up by his boyfriend probably. Then, he left the noose around his neck for 45 minutes until cops arrived. Didn't make the 911 call Held on to his sandwich 'cause he was so hungry. Wouldn't let the cops see his phone. Really?? I have seen his tweets on his hatred for Trump. This is a totally made up story.

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More like he was sent out BY his boyfriend and got the order wrong. He forgot the mayonnaise or some other.

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But now, instead of all of us running out to Subway because of those miraculous sandwiches, we have to support Corey Booker’s race baiting anti lynching bill to protect the racist hate crime hoaxers.

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meatball, probably

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Tube-steak supreme.

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Watermelon slices, fried chicken with a grape drink ranch sauce on White Devil™ bread. Washed down with a ice cold fountain malt liquor

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Pristine peen cuisine

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This viral marketing is getting out of hand.

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