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It finally sunk in. It's not just self-serving power and money (they) are after. They have targeted women and children for actual tissue to sell to power players for unspeakable wealth and Luciferianism. Great post, anon. I just thought they were sick perverts. And they want the babies to feel pain!!! If the baby feels pain, the blood is more valuable to them. Oh my God. I'm sick. Fuck New York.

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Yeah. Trying doing that to a LOBSTER. The PROGS would scream their heads off and firebomb your restaurant (killing all the lobsters, of course.

But BREATHING BABIES? No Problem ... Kill Away ... The MORE PAIN, the better.


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The link on the post above is down.

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That's the secret - the babies born living feel pain and fear. Killing them post-partum ups their value, financially, "religiously", and taste/effect-wise.

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I didn’t know how bad/evil it was either until now. It’s so reprehensible to even think of this but it’s being done. And Trump knew! Called Hillary out on it during the campaign debate. These people truly are sick.

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The pit of evil/hell! HRC and her demons! Hoping God casts them all into the lake of fire for eternity!

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Sadly I don't think that's even enough of a punishment.

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An eternity of hell....it will be enough!

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Remember that famous speech that Trump gave and which Q has linked to several times...”listen carefully” Q said.

In that awesome speech Trump says (in reference to the global elite destruction of our Country): “The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure “

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thanks patriot.

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I think yes-- it's not about oil, currency or gold. It's all about children and body parts. Soylent green is people.

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Yes. It is literally making me queasy wondering what all they are putting these body parts into...

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We Americans usually want to believe the best about our fellow citizens. We try to give people the benefit of the doubt in many situations. We help others when we can. We donate our time and money when disaster strikes. We have consciences and intuitively have a connection to God. We want the best for our children, our neighbors, our communities, our country. Then we hear more and more about the UN, charity fraud, pedophiles, pervert clergy and our stomachs ache. Then along come more news like this about the Clinton Foundation. A U.S. president, his wife and daughter who we thought we knew for years. Little by little the truth starts to seep in. Bill's affairs, Hillary's abusive language, Chelsea's upside down cross she wears. Then we learn about Haiti and missing children, Epstein's island and the Lolita Express. Now it's about adrenochrome, organ harvesting, a worldwide network of elite pedophiles. We are being red pilled little by little because we need to be. Q said that those that know can't sleep. How did it get so bad? Were we asleep at the wheel? Was it a trust in our MSM that we see now as a cover for all these nefarious people and their deeds? All I can say is thank God we have Trump in office. Who else could even attempt to tackle these problems? God bless and keep POTUS, Q and all those that fight the evil we now confront, safe from harm. Amen.

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Amen Patriot!

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If they really cared about women in those countries they would be advocating and providing education about short and long term birth control methods and sterilization. This would empower women to actually be able to do family planning. First trimester abortions used as a birth control method murders not only a future human being but also has a negative effect on the woman. Imagine the psyche of a woman who gave birth to a healthy baby and agreed or did not agree to have that baby killed for "parts". Disgusting, vile, evil minds behind these acts

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