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There was a questionnaire floating around a couple years ago, (I probably saved it somewhere), that was something you would give your doctor before he injected you or your kids. It was basically a knowledge test and a contract to hold a Dr personally responsible for any damage caused by the vaccine. It was pretty good, I'll see if I can find it.

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If you find it, please share! I'd be interested to see that.

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Yes. We would all like to see that. Doctors are scared shirtless about lawsuits.

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Yes, please.

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I spent an hour or so looking for it and was unable to find it, sorry y'all. I checked all of my pc's. It's possible I never saved it as it was awhile ago and I wasn't really archiving like I do now. Plus vaccine damage was just coming into my peripherals at the time. But I bet its still out there somewhere.

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Crazy to think that we have to pass a bill basically asking our Government to kindly not POISON US TO DEATH or turn our kids brains to mush.

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Try asking your physician to get the actual insert from the vial they want to administer (and NOT some shit they printed from manufacture website), to read label on vial and record your own info (manufacture, date, lot #, etc), and to take photo of said insert to include ingredients AND side effects. They make it impossible and give excuse after excuse and make you feel as though you are being absurd to even question them.

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Been through this exact experience with trying to get inserts. Dumb fucking pediatrician office thinks my wife and I are "anti-vaxxers" because we don't want our kids overdosed with aluminum. Since they couldn't produce shit for documentation, we made every vaccine be spaced out by a month just to make sure our kids' bodies could process out all the filth they add to vaccines. We sure pissed off a lot of snobby cunts.

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Same here. The doctors and their staff were always acting annoyed with me because I would not just consent and asked too many questions.

Because of the lies and bullshit that are designed to just force total compliance, I went from thinking vaccines were important and necessary, to questioning them, to now where I'm labeled an "anti-vaxxer" when really I'm just pro informed consent and free choice when it comes to medical care.

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That was a VERY smart move on your part. I have seen too many vaccine damaged kids in my lifetime.... I worked with autistic kids. So many were vaccine damaged.

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That's a great idea, Onefoot. Trump mentioned spacing out vaccines. I had never heard of this strategy before T mentioned it.

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Pediatricians make bank on special programs offered by vaccine manufacturers. I believe the big pay out is reaching max number of "fully vaccinated" patients. So one patient that delays or refuses ruins their 100% for their pay out.

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You're so right! They give you that useless colored handout, but never the actual insert which shows ingredients, study findings, and counter indications. They count on the ignorance of the public to achieve high vaccination rates without a lot of push back and questions from annoying parents!

I've shared this on here before, but we asked our first child's pediatrician why kids are now vaccinated against chicken pox, since our generation wasn't, the doctor was actually honest and said too many parents were missing a lot of work to take care of kids with chicken pox! So we're all supposed to accept a one size fits all vaccination schedule because people were missing too much work?

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This is also a big part of why people have moved to mandatory full day kindergarden in public schools and it is TRAGIC. Not all kids are ready for a full day, and most such programs must teach to the lowest common denominator, so the advanced kids are bored to death and the slower developing kids are labelled fir completely typical, normal squirmy, inattentive, acting out behaviors. I am glad to let working parents have this benefit but my husband and I agreed we wanted our kids to have the best fit, and I stayed home to give them an excellent foundation. We did not want to put kids in such a useless environment all day. Thankfully we could opt out.

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Please look into the 9 hour deposition of Dr. Plotnick very telling and informing as to the research that is done and NOT done but put into the insert. Many more pearls as to the mentality of the people making vaccinations and their claims of efficacy and safety.

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Doctors get bonuses for having a certain percentage of their patient load vaccinated. All about money.

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Info should also include method of production. Some people have allergies related to eggs often used in this process, or other ingredients. There are alternate production methods for such cases. It's a cost thing. But, in spite of whatever is stated, it's pretty easy to omit something. Cost-Liability projections determine outcomes. We are test subjects.

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we are test subjects 100%

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btw, pharma has been given very broad liability exceptions on vaccines. They can do anything they wish.

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Vaccine ideas. Leaving myself a note.

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To many doctors do not give a crap what is in a vaccine, only what is in your wallet!

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Dirty secrets

“Several clinical studies have confirmed an association between vaccination and asthma. A team of New Zealand researchers followed 1,265 children born in 1977. Of the children who were vaccinated 23 percent had asthma episodes. A total of 23 children did not receive the DTP vaccines, and none of them developed asthma (Kemp et al., 1997). A study in Great Britain produced similar findings that associated asthma with the pertussis vaccine. In that study 243 children received the vaccine and 26 of them later developed asthma (10.7%) compared to only 4 of the 203 children that had never received the pertusis vaccine (2 percent). The relative risk of developing asthma from the pertusis vaccine was 5.4. Additionally, of the 91 children who received no vaccines at all, only one had asthma. Therefore the risk of developing asthma was about one percent in children who received no vaccines and 11 percent for those children who received vaccines including pertusis (Odent et al., 1994).  A third study was conducted in the US from data in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of infants through adolescents aged 16. Data showed that children vaccinated with DTP or tetanus were twice as likely to develop asthma compared to unvaccinated children (Hurwitz and Morgenstern, 2000). One study revealed that the MMR vaccine can cause human white blood cells to develop IgE antibodies, which is the primary characteristic of asthma (Imani & Kehoe, 2001). The induction of an allergic reactivity may explain the increased incidence of asthma in vaccinated children.” https://therefusers.com/asthma-and-vaccines-a-dirty-little-secret/

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Doctors aren't taught anything about vaccines in medical school and there's a reason for that. The vaccine manufacturers want them to be good foot soldiers who enforce the CDC's vaccination schedule without a second thought. Most doctors have no idea what's in vaccines or how they actually work.

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Doctors aren't taught anything about vaccines in medical school

Last I looked into it, most med schools were only devoting one per of one course to vaccines.

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