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They want and need more conservatives in Idaho. The Left invasion fight is on.

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We could use a few more in California, which used to be a conservative state. Too many seem oblivious to the truism: "As California goes, so goes the country." Well, it's happening...

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90% white... LOL careful, you are wading into "RACIST" territory

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I think there were moderates who supported abortion, within a three month period, who will now be looking at these laws in VA and NY with horror. The dems have taken the goodwill of the American people and turned it into pure evil. Now it is clearly about money and organ harvesting and no one is addressing the real reasons behind this 'support.' This is so incredibly sick, so wrong, so immoral--how could anyone advocate for this? Seriously.

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I agree with you. Immoral. They have gone too far. Hopefully there are lawsuits in the wings and the SCOTUS on standby to put a stop to it and bring the American People together on this issue - it is all the cabal. I know a lot of "lefties" and they are outraged too, not ONE of them is onboard with full term abortions.

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Must play the long game. But in the immediate there needs to be REAL pressure put on the question of "is RBG able to continue as sitting judge". The DEMS are in panic over this and the MSM is complicit. I am not sure what Senate can due here but there needs to be a call/inquiry made ASAP. She needs to be replaced if she can not attend or be present. POTUS needs to get another Judge in there before 2020 elections.

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Agree, it needs to be addressed that IF she is unable to perform her SC duties, then she MUST step down.

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Why else would they murder babies except for ORGAN HARVESTING. Can large full term baby organs be used to keep old dems alive.... RBG for example? Ideas..

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Democrats: the party of HORROR

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Satanic ghouls.

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Maybe we can turn this around and use it to abort politicians and other gov't slug. Whoops, you lied, or are slacking, hit the abort button. It's not murder, it's just thinning the herd of.proven defectives. :-D

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Yep. Just use their own standards against them. They say life doesn't exist until they say so, then we say "ditto. You are not considered alive by our standards. Don't struggle against the brain needle. It will just hurt more."

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Abortion is murder.

Idaho is merely trying to adjust it's laws to match reality.

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This national push the democrats have ‘all of a sudden’ is because of Roe v. Wade and RBG. They can’t keep her on ice forever...

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