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This pig Northam is a freaking pediatrician, believe it or not.

Now we know where the likes of Mengele came from. F'ing animal.


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So many pediatricians are vaccine pushers for the kick backs and will refuse to see unvaccinated kids no matter what. They don't care about their oath nor about kids really.

I suspect many just see treating kids easier and more lucrative. Parents are easy to intimidate too especially as they can threaten them with child services abduction if they don't comply.

So this doesn't surprise me.

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Parents are easy to intimidate too especially as they can threaten them with child services abduction if they don't comply.

Most parents are easily intimidated by doctors since we have been trained to view them as an authority figure you don't question.

People do have the right to question them and refuse their recommendations. This is important to know your rights, and know your states laws! It's not illegal to refuse vaccination for your child even if they want to scare you or make you think it is. In some states it's "mandatory" to be fully vaccinated to receive a public education or attend a daycare facility, but even then most states allow for exemptions. Except commiefornia!

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Nothing excuses the murder of children. This is beyond despicable.

As a group, doctors also are a bunch of brainless turds for letting themselves be compromised by drug-pushing sales reps. Want to know how it works? I've seen it in a family practice I was remodeling. On Monday morning, Pfizer sales rep shows up in doctor's break room with aluminum tubs of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, coffee, OJ, and plastic utensils. Everyone in the practice including the doctor comes in for the food, gets a sales pitch, and is checked off the list. Get it, a "doctor" is getting schooled by a sales rep who has no medical training, who is selling on a commission. At lunch, the Merck sales rep shows up with tacos. Or barbecue. Or sandwiches from the deli. Everyone gets another sales pitch. On Tuesday it's the rep from Eli Lilly and then Johnson & Johnson who arrives with delicious chocolate-raspberry cupcakes. The doctor says, "Oh man, I love these things" while the rep claims his new drug, Poisophrem, is just like Toxaphram, except you only have to take it once a week instead of twice a day. Doctor says, "Oh, I get it, only once a week instead of twice a day like Toxaphram." Rep: "Right!" Doctor is ready to start prescribing Poisophrem.

Each rep leaves brochures. Doctor's wife comes in afterwards and sweeps all the brochures into the trash. Tells me no one ever reads them. At the end of the day, the nurses and staff take the food home or it gets thrown away. A lot gets thrown away every day, there's so much of it.

That's called being COMPROMISED. Bottom line: for a fucking cupcake these pathetic self-righteous medical fools SELL OUT by allowing themselves to be manipulated by SALES REPS with no medical training.

Let me be a doctor for an hour. First sales rep shows up with dainty gourmet donuts, I'd be waiting for him. He'd would be thrown out on his ass so hard he'd be on the phone calling 911 but before he could I'd smash that box of donuts in his face and say if you EVER come back here, I'll kill you with my bare hands, now GET OUT.

Yeah, I'd probably lose that job but keep my HONOR. WWG1WGA

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You are so right. Was in my doctors waiting room. Lots of people waiting, doc was behind. In walks drug rep ( nice new heels, fancy suit, food from Panera, and a suitcase full of heart med samples. Rep gets called back into inner sanctum before all other patients.
1/2 hour later, I get to see doc. Diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure .
Guess which samples doc gives me. Not any tried and true BP med.

I was sick for a week after taking the meds. Doc never called me.

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Yup. The last doctors office I regularly used had a roster for reps to sign up for on certain days, complete with dietary recommendations for the people at the office. They didn’t even hide it, the thing was in the waiting room out in the open.

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This is horrible I will no longer listen to police while they protect MURDERERS. I REEEEALY WANT TO START WASTING PEOPLE.

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The fact that our country has descended so far into depravity that a physician - and politician - feels comfortable defending the killing of living babies says it all. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, I weep for my country when I realize that God is just. And that His Justice will not sleep forever.

We as a country better clean this mess up because we will pay for every drop of blood spilled by the abortion industry that we allow.

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Check the language twist of these post modernist freaks. He's talking about 'non-viable'babies - but ones that can be comforted or resuscitated - i.e infanticide of children with disabilities. (which is something, ahem, dear lefties, that Hitler's regime did)

But instead of having an honest debate about the ethics of disabled infanticide, they call it 'abortion ' -you know - so that any question or opposition can be branded as anti -women's rights - and so that the child's rights remain quarantined from the debate

Now, if these baby murderers are so loose with definitions of words like 'abortion'and 'infanticide ' - what faith do we place in their definition of a 'viable' baby?

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i.e infanticide of children with disabilities. (which is something, ahem, dear lefties, that Hitler's regime did)

The moment a meme was born...

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When socialists first take over a country, one of the first things they do is kill off the disabled, invalid, and elderly because they cannot produce for the state. You are only worth what you can produce for the state.

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My aunt had a baby with down syndrome. I would honestly abort it. It's not worth the pain for what ultimately amounts to a vaccuas husk of a being that had broken and drained the family, only to die of heart failure before 30 anyways. Anyone willing to subject others to a life of misery is no person of God and is only worthy of being spit upon.

"But suffering is how we learn!" Yeah no fuck that, it's literally retarded and can't learn. It's spirit can't grow. 'God' intentionally created a being that cannot connect with anything.

Sadly, we'll never have a truly surefire way to determine retardation pre birth. But if we do, kill them, with extreme prejudice.

It's so bad, I'd sincerely probably be doing the family a noble sacrifice if I killed it now and brunted the legal backlash.

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The disabled are humans too. I have seen the most loving display of family through a handicapped child. They treated him as if there was no disability. I found it fascinating to watch the interaction. Previously to that I may have thought along your lines. When you consider they are spotless souls...look at them as a trail for those in that family and their treatment of the helpless individual reflects on their soul. Is it easy? no, but mercy is a blessing for the giver and the reciever.

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Babies with Downs touch so many lives in a positive way and make them better people because of it.

Sorry that wasn't your family's experience.

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What a creep. Deciding who should live and die. Apparently, you inherited some sort of brain and heart malfunction.
Must run in the family. You may be suffering from something and in pain. But no one else has the right to “off you”.

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The Spartans had the right idea. Throw undesirable babies from a cliff.

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Throw an undesirable governor off a cliff.

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I'm guessing the Spartan cliff edge property owner charged a fee per child and was a political donor

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if doctors cannot assist suicide, they cannot assist full term abortion/murder.

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One thing that has crossed my mind with all this allowing of abortions on soon to be born children (infantacide) is that since child trafficking is being clamped down on, these evil people are looking for a "legitimate" source of adrenochrome harvesting where they can continue their odious practices. The whole thing is so sick and perverted, I can hardly believe we are in the USA. God help us.

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Say it Senator Ben Sasse again..This So called governor needs to be kicked out. He sure doesn’t stand for what this ole bat thinks on abortion in the good ole state of va. Just completely wrong.

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This actually hurts my heart.

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Same here. Just terrible.

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can we prosecute those congress women and men for attempting to murder babies with such abortion bill?

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Hate crimes.

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