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No. It's a grand solar minimum. Sun weather. It mimics 1650-1750 where many had to migrate and leave the Northeast.

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Yes.. Grand solar minimum. No or very little sunspot activity. It is also attributed to increase in earthquake and volcanic activity from our weakened magnetic field, which protects eath from solar flares and solar winds. YouTube.. Suspicious Observer or Earthwatch

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WinterChan has come....

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You didn't watch the video did you.

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In 2004 I was in New Hampshire with -52 wind chill. Stop the hysteria. How old are you?

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It was so cold up here this morning my tires were square for almost half an hour before they rounded out, felt like I was driving on 4 flats. we had -44C with -55 windchill this morning. IT's not jews or magic this time, it's just winter.

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No wind chill - last week at 9:00AM https://files.catbox.moe/lishhc.jpg

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As a Canadian this post made me LOL. Welcome to winter mother fuckers.

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I always wondered if Canadians were envious of our nicer weather, you just confirmed it!

Here in the USA if you want to live in an Arctic climate, you can! You either move to Alaska or Canada. But most people seem to prefer the warmer milder climates.

Most people in the USA are not used to artic temperatures, so it will result in deaths. Are YOU happy about that too, mother fucker???

[–] Mustard_of_puppets 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I'm not laughing at it being cold, I'm laughing at your crazy stupidass conspiracy theory and I did watch the video and read the comments on the youtube. I'm laughing at you, you stupid cunt, not at anyones suffering.

Remember like 3 years ago the whole "Polar Vortex" thing, you are Don Lemon right now hypothesizing about the airplane MH370 getting sucked into the polar vortex like some kind of fucking portal. That's how I see this post.

I'm not envious of your temperatures, I love winter. I love ice fishing. I like shoeshoeing and hiking and snowboarding. I love it so much I chose a career where without cold weather I would be useless.

You might want to add a layer of felt or something to your tinfoil hat so you don't freeze your brain.

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Hey friend, I'm not putting anything past what geo-engineering fucks might have to do with weather manipulation, but everytime there is a hurricane during the summer in Fl. and a major winter storm during Jan( both being worse than normal) does not always equate to DS activities...both usually occur, to the extremes, according to the Milankovitch cycles...these cycles have been around a lot longer than geo-engineering....my entire family is from Mn, and this ain't outside of temps ppl could see...fortunately, I had military dad who was smart enough to knock my mother up, with me, while stationed in Fl... hurricanes are much easier to deal with, in my book( at least I can go 100 miles in 3 directions and avoid death)... I pray our Northern Patriots stay warm and safe...i have a rule," if the temp is below my age, I stay in bed"..

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"My Friend", how naive you are.

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Loud and Clear next time. Don't hide your true self what a shame that would be.

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-60 to -55 actually here and this is nothing new. Have seen these kind of wind chill temps during many, many winters. Not sure why they are making this sound as though it is new here.

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It is news because artic temperatures are hitting areas NOT USED TO Artic Weather.

Does that make sense to you?

People WILL die in this weather because it is far from normal for their areas. Are you happy about that too??

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This is simply NOT true. A quick search into states past history of coldest temps will prove your opinion incorrect. It is simple fear mongering by the media because people are too lazy to look into anything on their own...STILL.

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In the show me state here. Fresh transplant from cali. It is COLD AF with the wind. Next couple days i plan on hibernating. I hope to God the power doesn't go out or MANY will die. No joke.

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I hope to God the power doesn't go out or MANY will die. No joke.

You're right, it's serious! Get a back up source of heat if you can. I have a wood burning stove and it's amazing! No more worrying about power outages and freezing!

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We hear you, and WILL PRAY!!!

Stay safe and warm, Missouri!

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Pray even more for those up north. Is even colder there. It's like the poles are shifting.

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...and on that note...Interesting (Not Really) article in the new edition of Wired (Right on Cue) "Solar Flair A Geo-Engineers Sunscreen". BTW CHEMTRAILS, (Like QANON) are Conspiracy Theories with NO Basis In Fact or Truth...To those who would doubt the validity of QAnon, I would ask that you read the article in Wired (sorry my stupid roommate actually subscribes to the paper version, so no link from here.)

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Just checked the forecast it is -41 and what is the projected high. When the sun comes up at noon I will go outside and enjoy it even though it will be -44 by then. Winter is just cold not some evil plot.

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