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SB2- Following you for awhile now, you know me by another name and though I still am a germantria novice....I saw the hotel behind the theatre and had the same conclusion as you. Comey is using Lincoln associated imagery to trigger an assassination.

They are signalling so much that the chan autists are now compiling a list of words, colors, and symbols they use. It becomes very obvious once you’ve been taught to see it. (Wink to you SB2)

Maggie Haberman has been signalling as you know and HRC has really been out in force signalling her brainwashed spawns that now is the time to do something. History books are going to be fun and spectacular in the future.

Trump’s comms ... seem to be more complex than the DS.

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Their comms are what they are.Their every comm is monitored "almost" in real time. They are stuck with their own code as"almost"any change is monitored as well. The exception being a secure skiff...not so easy any more...or a good old fashion note. In either case any code change will be noted very quickly. The brilliance of Trump/Q code is that it is actually the DS code. This understanding unravels much (half) of the mystery of it's seeming complexity particularly regarding time/time stamps. MI is pretty damn good at code and code breaking. It's no longer an enigma. Comey and DS are stuck with "T"unny...sats down.

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History books are going to be fun and spectacular in the future.

Yes! And we are all part of it! WWG1WGA!

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I would live to see a copy of the chans list when they get some of it completed.

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For those who get lost in SerialBrain 2 posts:


Here is SerialBrain2's decoding of Comey's tweet last weekend:

Q1402 Puzzle coming together? We have reached our cruising altitude of 40,000 ft. long ago. As we prepare to land, please fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. Q

All the pieces of the puzzle are now gathered. Future proves past. We can now apply Q’s template to decipher Comey’s tweet. You caught ‘All rise’ means ‘let’s activate’, ‘vital message’ means ‘assassinate’ and since Lincoln was killed by an actor, ‘Amazing cast’ means ‘Sleeper Cell’. The message, when translated becomes:

The Day has come to activate the sleeper cells that did the job on 9/11 and to perform attacks targeting high profile buildings on American soil and the White House in particular. Perhaps our Amazing cast will be as successful at getting Trump as the actor John W. Booth was at delivering Lincoln’s vital message.

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@SerialBrain2 I think Trump verified your decode! https://magaimg.net/img/72ui.png

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;) Nice catch! Spot the moving 4!

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I found these:




He had said that it would be a 3:00 today. Which is when he posted this last year:


So, he moved it from 3 to 4 since yesterday. Might that mean something?

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Trump says the first 2 years, meaning 4 years in total?

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Well, I was way off on my attempt. I tried to add all the capital letters, but came up empty. I wanted the extra t to mean "T-minus countdown"... I guess it was just wishful thinking and no real decode. There are always other tweets and other sources that I never know where to look. I was hoping one day I could do what you do, but I've been following you since reddit and I still don't get any of it right. Sorry, I am such a bad student. I think the ability to decode this comes from the math side of my brain and it's not as developed. I'll just stay on the edge of my seat waiting for your posts.

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Me too. I’m amazed with the intel they find. Amazing work SerialBrain2!

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Perhaps we need to form a study group?

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I'm there with you, I thought t was for treason, haha.

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Treason is also what I thought.

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I read it as "coun-treaty". That's what it sounds like when you read it out loud.

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Patriot, you are NOT a bad student! Remember, anything can be learned. The beginning is always the hardest, but once you get it, there's a lightbulb that comes on and you can see the matrix.

I don't get it too, but over time, you'll start to see it. Just keep practising. Q wants us to learn their comms, so the evil cabal can't hide in plain sight no more.

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Outstanding summary of seemingly unrelated things/events resulting in a plausible/reasonable explanation.

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It’s interesting that most of the dems were out of the country around the time of the “planned” attack. Like they didn’t want to be a statistic. Didn’t we see something similar when the republican delegations train hit the garbage truck? Just sayin...

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When JFK was assassinated, most of his cabinet was out of the Country. They were trying to do the same here, thank god they failed.

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What is so very sick about JFK's cabinet out of town & the current dems out of town - is that these people know what was supposed to happen & they went along with the whole horrible plan.

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You decodefags are amazing!! Very clever, and right under our noses!! Thanks anon!

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I am in awe of how well some beautiful minds work! Seemingly, The President is using these platforms to call out and expose the malevolent characters thus pushing the rabid animals even more into a corner. A scared animal will only lash out in fear and aggression and lose all reason. I personally think President Trump is providing a rope, a tree, and a ladder for these people to hang themselves. Trump will expose the deep state and he will come out damned near a hero!

Thanks for your hard work, SerialBrain.

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speech today moved from 3 to 4, theory confirmed

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