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Best thing I've seen today. Love it! He's so entertaining. And a refreshing breath of honesty!!

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God I love my president. I feel like we are the luckiest people on Earth. And you all have no idea how good that feels to me personally considering that I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life in November of 2016. At the time I absolutely despised Trump because I was still brainwashed beyond belief. I've been 100% awake since January of 2018 thanks to the incredible patience of a Patriot that still lurks around these boards. A Patriot who withstood my insane and unfounded rants, raves, accusations, and straight up unwarranted name-calling for days on end while he patiently and methodically redpilled me with laser-guided precision. I owe that person absolutely everything up to and including possibly my life one day soon. I will never forget what he did for me and my family and I'll be thankful for it every day of my life.

So a lot of you can't even imagine how incredible it feels to be able to say that I absolutely love my president. I'm extremely proud of him and if you give me half a chance in 2020 I will not make the same mistake again and I will vote one of the most incredible presidents we've ever had, and certainly the best in my lifetime, into the White House for another 4 incredible years.

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I too was red pilled, did it on my own.....it's so liberating. I left the democrat party in 2016 and I've never looked back, especially after my now ex called me a nazi and a racist for having my eyes open. Thank you for sharing your story and God bless.

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Return the favor and red pill another family or two!

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Thank you for telling your story. I may get up the nerve to try to have a conversation again with my Trump hating sister . The last time was an utter failure. Maybe, like your Patriot mentor I need to keep trying with her.

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God Bless You Patriot!

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Does kuru cause insanity???

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Adrenochrome does.

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It causes a variety of neurological problems so probably.

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I've noticed he holds these press conferences in front of Marine 1 with the engines on. Obviously this is for a reason (or many reasons). I'm wondering, is it possible that he does this to thwart modern technology? Would the main-stream media actually use voiceover tech to change what he says at a press conference? If you hold the Q and A in front of the helicopter, there is no way to inject fake voice-over into his answers. I'm sure he also does this for the optics. The MAGA hat, wind-breaker, and his harder New York accent makes him look like the common man. I have nothing against that type of thing, as long as it's part of who you are. Not like Hillary or Obama when they are in front of a black audience talking like Jay-Z, you know?

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You may be right about the noise making it difficult to alter dialog.

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He has worn many hats. There have been complaints he never severed in the military. He went to a military school which gave him an appreciation for what our military does and how it works. He is an architect. He's worn a hard hat and been in the trenches. He employs thousands of people and has made it a point to know the jobs they all do. He worked very hard to get to where he is. At this point in his life he could have just sat back and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. But because he cares about people and cares about his country he has put it all on the line. So did JFK: assassinated So did Reagan: bullet to the chest (attempted assassination).

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If Donald is killed I hope you all know what has to be done.

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He has suffered the slings and arrows that he promised he would do, Lost his privacy, money and his right to do whatever he wants, for us. Most of us are grateful beyond words. I truly feel love in my heart for this man.

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He has always said the blue collar guys in New York were the people he always got along with.

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or Pocahontas drinking a beer!

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Love this president. Excellent Presser. He actually says he has been listening to these young people, and that they are so far left (and I think he is obliquely referencing the cortez)that they on't care about crime and he thinks they are actually crazy. I think so too.

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Well one or two or more have crazy eyes.

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No disputing that!

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Possessed is a more appropriate description....

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I think in many cases you are correct. The same came be said for many in the entertainment industry and for all those engaged in the pedo crimes. Nothing else can explain their utter lack of humanity.

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Your being redundant. Fakewood and the MSM with DC are the pedo rings that commit the pedo crimes!

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Like filing your nails as someone is telling of the gruesome murders committed by illegals ?

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Possession implies evil not mental illness. Evil is not a treatable condition.

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Straight up BOSS. He totally owned that thing, taking all comers and not breaking a sweat or wavering in the slightest. He was in his natural habitat,swatting away little pissants as he went.

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I love how accessible Donald is, always answering the questions of the enemy reporters. Here in Germany our chancellor is basically invisible. Only when something really bad happens she might appear on TV to tell a few scripted words and disappear again without allowing any questions. Really day and night.

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This ia a very good presser this morning!!

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I enjoyed it. :)

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The Dems will never win the white house again after this wall goes up and they know it!!

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You are So Right, their bought votes will stop coming over the border

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you are so right. Not after the wall and not after mandatory voter ID.

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